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The Wedding Gurus
The powers behind the wedding contest that takes over the lives of Matt, Sam, Michael Joanna, Josef and Isabelle are the editor and owner of the film's Confetti magazine, which is modeled on a number of popular publications that track the trends that drive the wedding industry. It all begins with publishing editor Vivien Kaye-Wiley played by highly regarded comic actress Felicity Montagu, who is well known in Britain for her role in the television hit "I'm Alan Partridge” and has been seen in the US in BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY; and the magazine owner Antoni Clarke played by acclaimed stand-up comic Jimmy Carr in his film debut.

Montagu was attracted right away by the chance to go out on a limb with improvisation. "I thought it was a very unusual and exhilarating concept when I first heard about CONFETTI,” she says. "It was totally different than anything I've done before and it was a bit terrifying as well, especially when you realize how hard it is to spontaneously invent good lines.”

In preparation for her role, Montagu visited a number of the UK's leading wedding magazine offices to get a real-life look at the editorial staff's attitude and style, and to be immersed in the latest wedding fads and fashions. "I really got a sense of who Vivien Kaye-Wiley might be and how she might wield her power from meeting all these people,” says Montagu.

Once on the set, Montagu appreciated the fact that she was, by necessity, much more "in the know” as to what was happening with each storyline than the actors playing the engaged couples. "Jimmy and I were in a very privileged position because as the editors we had access to more information than the rest of the cast,” she explains. "I now realize that during some of the very friendly and innocent seeming conversations I had with other actors, they were probably fishing for information. I didn't think much of it at the time but looking back, I think ‘how cunning of them!' And yes, I loved having the power of having information that the others didn't.”

Montagu especially enjoyed having the chance to work with Jimmy Carr, whom she grew up with as neighbors and even babysat for as a kid. "We go way back so it was great fun improvising with him,” she says.

CONFETTI marks Carr's screen debut, but as a stand-up comic he came to the film used to no-holds-barred improvisation. "I improvise all the time on stage and with audiences, but I'd never done it before with other actors, especially amazing actors like Martin Freeman and Alison Steadman,” he says. "They were all remarkably good at making things up on the spot.”

Debbie Isitt further helped Carr to find his way through this highly unconventional first experience on the screen. "Debbie put me at ease right away,” he comments. "I knew I was the least experienced person on the set, but Debbie made me feel so much better about it, not so much by what she said as by how she acted.” He continues: "Working with Debbie on this film was wonderful because usually when directors talk about improv they have all kinds of guidelines – so it's improvisation but within limits. But Debbie didn't do that. She had no limits. I really felt that if I said ‘tomorrow my character needs to go to Rio we would have all flown to Rio!”

Meanwhile Carr has his own ideas about what would make for the ultimate wedding. "I always enjoy going to weddings,” he admits. "I always have a brilliant time. I think you'd have to have part of your soul missing not to enjoy watching two people stand up and proclaim their love for one another. But I can't see why that couldn't be done down at the pub!”

Once Vivien and Antoni come up with the idea for the wedding contest, they procure the services of two renowned wedding planners: Heron & Hough, who turn out to be one of the film's most poignant pairings – two men who will stop at no

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