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THE MARINE was filmed on location in Queensland, Australia, with the production based at the Warner Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast. Says producer Joel Simon, "We chose to film in Australia partly because it was economically viable, but also because it offered us a great environment, facilities and weather. And the crews are some of the best in the world. We had a wealth of talent behind us such as our very talented cinematographer David Eggby, ACS and our award-winning production designer Herbert Pinter. So working in Australia was very exciting for us – a great adventure.”

For WWE, THE MARINE represents an exciting new venture into the motion picture business. Comments McMahon: "Having successfully submerged itself in the world of television and generated a host of superstar talent, WWE is ideally positioned to bring its unique and powerful cultural sensibility to the motion picture industry. I am extremely excited about taking WWE into the film business, and we believe that we will achieve new artistic and commercial successes on the big screen.”

Adds Joel Simon, "The WWE is about entertainment and that's what we wanted to do with THE MARINE – give the audience pure entertainment – character, action and fun. The film is character driven, which was important, with a protagonist who's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then it becomes pure guttural action, which is another reason we selected this script. It's the perfect action vehicle for John Cena, who is one of the WWE's biggest talents. We really do believe that he's the next major action star.”

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