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Making "The Marine"

John Cena: "My character in THE MARINE, John Triton, fights for his country – and loves doing so. He has a good wife, and he's really focused on family. He's a down-to-earth, grounded guy.”

Cena: "How did I get the role? That's like asking me how I became a professional wrestler. I think it is the dream of a lot of people to be both; it certainly was mine! There was really no transition from wrestling to motion pictures. It's not a move up – they're both on the same level. My goal is to keep wrestling, until I can no longer handle it physically. I just want to add movies and acting into the mix.”

Cena: "In THE MARINE, I'm not as over-the-top as I am in the ring, where I'm usually the one talking trash and making fun of my opponents. In the film, I have to be soft-spoken – a walk-softly-and-carry-a-big-stick kind of guy.”

Cena: "I missed the roar of the [wrestling] crowd while I was filming, and I can't wait to get back to that. Filming is a whole different experience from wrestling.”

Cena: "Robert Patrick plays the lead bad guy. He gets to be the witty character – the guy who's a snazzy dresser and shoots first and asks questions later.”

Cena: "Kelly Carlson plays my wife, a character very different than her role on ‘Nip/Tuck.' In our film, she's very clean-cut and wholesome – but still very sexy.”

Cena: "Kelly [Carlson] can fight. She and Abigail Bianca, who plays the villainous Angela, have a fight sequence in the film, where they went at it WWE style! I think [the WWE wrestlers] The Divas would be proud of their work. Kelly and Abigail were really in [their fight scene] with each other. They made sure each kick and punch meant something. When I heard that they accidentally really connected [blows] by mistake, I patted them on the shoulder and said, ‘Welcome to the WWE.'”

Cena: "I wanted audiences [seeing THE MARINE] to get their money's worth. You're going to see some great action – and you're going to believe in John Triton.”


Robert Patrick: [In THE MARINE] I play Rome, a jewel thief. He's psychotic and cold-blooded, but he has a wicked sense of humor. He's a charismatic bad guy. It's one of those fun characters where I can do anything I want and have a lot of fun with him. You're in on the joke with the audience; the hope is they like you being bad, and revel in your ‘badness.'”

Patrick: "I don't think I've ever worked with anybody as powerfully built as John Cena. Arnold [Schwarzenegger] in ‘Terminator 2' was big – but John's enormous. I'm sure he's not an easy guy to throw around the [wrestling] ring.”

Patrick: "John Cena should be the next Terminator. I told John he should go ahead and take that job. He'd be perfect. I think the Governor is too busy to do it, isn't he?”

Patrick: "There are a lot of big action sequences in this movie. There's an explosion every few minutes! And there are some things that reminded me of working on ‘Terminator 2', like missiles being fired into cars. I haven't done a film like this in a long time, so it's fun to experience this kind of relentless action, again.”


Kelly Carlson: "One of the reasons I accepted the part was to be part of an action film. I love doing fight scenes. I love being very active and working out. We were constantly doing stunts in THE MARINE. So the film fulfilled that ‘action' side of me that I haven't experienced in other roles. During shooting, the cast and crew called me ‘Mini-Champ.' I'm tiny, but I can pack a punch!”

Carlson: "I have a long fight in the film with Abigail Bianca, who plays one of my abductors. We stumbled, punched, flipped, kicked each other – and she hit me in the face with a gun! Abigail is

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