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While Little Children is based on an acclaimed novel, Todd Field and Tom Perrotta wanted to create a film that stood on its own, independent of the book.

"When Todd and I began collaborating on the script, we were hoping to make something new out of the material, rather than simply reproducing the book onto film," says Perrotta. "For me, as a novelist, the attraction of a film adaptation lies precisely in this opportunity to re-imagine my book with someone else, and explore new possibilities for the characters and the story. To be able to work with a writer/director as accomplished as Todd was a huge part of the appeal for me, but I understood from the start that what we produced together would no longer be ‘mine' in any simple sense. There's really no way for two writers with such distinct voices and sensibilities to come together and not create something very different from what either one of us would have done on his own."


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