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Marie Antoinette: A Timeline
1755 The Archduchess is born in Vienna on November 2, the child of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Teresa. 
1765 Emperor Francis I dies, leaving the tough-minded and highly political Maria Teresa in charge of the Hapsburg Empire. She begins a campaign to marry off her daughters to the crown heads of Europe. The 15th child of Emperor Francis, Marie Antoinette is low on the list, until the death of her older sister Johanna Gabriella put her in position to marry the future King of France. 
1769 Louis XV requests the hand of the 14-year-old Marie Antoinette to marry his heir, Louis Auguste, the teenager who will be the future King Louis XVI. 
1770 Marie Antoinette must leave behind her friends, family, all her possessions, and even her clothes, as she makes the journey across the border to France. She will never see her home country again. 
1770 The teenaged couple of Louis and Marie Antoinette are wedded in a lavish ceremony at Versailles. However, their marriage goes unconsummated for another seven years. 
1774 Following the sudden death of Louis XV from smallpox, Louis and Marie Antoinette become King and Queen at the ages of 20 and 18 respectively, famously proclaiming: "Protect us Lord for we are too young to reign.” 
1774 Marie Antoinette meets the notoriously handsome and sophisticated Swedish Count Hans Axel de Fersen, with whom she will begin a brief but passionate affair. He will remain devoted to her for the rest of her life. 
1777 The first physical intimacy between Marie Antoinette and her husband is recorded. 
1778 Marie Antoinette gives birth to her first child, a daughter, Marie Thérèse Charlotte. 
1780 Marie Antoinette makes her first appearance on the stage at the Theatre of the Trianon, fulfilling her dream of becoming an actress. 
1780 Marie Antoinette's mother, the Empress of Austria, passes away. 
1781 The first son of Marie Antoinette is born: The Dauphin Louis-Joseph. 
1785 Marie Antoinette bears a second son, Louis Charles de France. 
1786 Marie Antoinette gives birth to a daughter, Sophie Béatrix, who doesn't live to see her first birthday.
Marie Antoinette is branded with the nickname "Madame Deficit” for her uninhibited spending, becoming a scapegoat for France's massive economic crisis. 
1789 Tragedy strikes as the first Dauphin, Louis Joseph, dies at the age of seven after a battle with tuberculosis. 
1789 Storming of the Bastille takes place on the 14th of July and the French Revolution begins. 
1790 An angry mob storms the Royal Palace, killing the Queen's guards, but Marie Antoinette courageously goes out onto a balcony to address them. 
1792 Now living in Paris at the Tuileries, the royals are once again descended upon by a mob. Marie Antoinette is given opportunities to escape but refuses, saying she must stay by her husband's side. The royal guards are massacred and all royal authority is suspended. Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI are accused of treason. 
1792 France is declared a Republic on September 21 and Louis XVI is soon put on trial. 
1792 France declares war on Austria, making Marie Antoinette a foreign enemy. 
1793 Louis XVI is guillotined on January 21st. 
1793 Her children taken from her, a disconsolate Marie Antoinette is tried before a revolutionary tribunal. She is found guilty on all counts and guillotined on October 16th at the age of 37.


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