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The IMAX Experience
"Happy Feet: The IMAX Experience” will be released in IMAX® theatres worldwide, beginning November 17, 2006, simultaneously with the film's debut in conventional theaters. The film has been digitally re-mastered into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with proprietary IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology. "Happy Feet” marks the 14th IMAX film release from Warner Bros. Pictures to date.

IMAX Theatres deliver images of unsurpassed clarity and impact, and will enable audiences to experience the toe-tapping music and heart-warming humor of "Happy Feet” on the world's largest screens, surrounded by state-of-the-art digital sound. (IMAX screens can be three times larger than the average 35mm screen, 4,500 times larger than the average TV screen, and as wide as an NFL football field.)

"We've gone to extreme lengths to make this movie as spectacular as possible and be true to the majestic landscapes of Antarctica and the penguins which inhabit them,” says director George Miller. "There is no better place to experience the extraordinary world we have recreated than on the massive IMAX screen with its awesome picture and sound quality. We aim to immerse the audience totally.”

The sheer size of a 15/70 film frame, combined with the unique IMAX projection technology, is key to the extraordinary sharpness and clarity of the images projected in IMAX theatres.

To fully envelop IMAX theatregoers, the IMAX sound system is a specially designed multi-channel stereo system that delivers exceptional clarity and quality for maximum impact.

The IMAX® brand is world famous and stands for the highest-quality, most immersive filmed entertainment. Visitors to IMAX theatres now number in the hundreds of millions since the technology premiered in 1970. As the number of theatres grows, so does the visibility of the IMAX brand—a name that is unique in the entertainment business.


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