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Finish It
In the film, Izzi has written a book about a conquistador on a quest for his Queen, but she tells Tommy to write the last chapter—asking him to "finish it.” Izzi has discovered a sense of peace through her illness, and wants her husband to find that peace as well. She knows it's the only way for Tommy to complete his journey.

"Taking this journey with Darren as Thomas Creo was a singular experience,” states the film's leading man. "I think he's crafted a beautiful story that is at times tragic and enlightening, and sometimes even funny. It's a love story. It's visually amazing and intellectually challenging. I hope it touches people. I think it will.”

Adds the writer/director, "I like to be taken somewhere when I go to see films. I like to be transported. I'm hoping that "The Fountain” takes people to places they've never seen…but most of all I hope they're entertained.”


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