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Eragon Character Profiles


Eragon discovers his true path as one of the fabled Dragon Riders. With his own dragon, Saphira, and Brom as his mentor, Eragon is determined to bring back the golden age of justice once known throughout the land – if he can survive the evil machinations of Galbatorix. Eragon becomes a true hero – and the last hope for the people of Alagëisia.


One of the last of the Dragon Riders, Brom has been a disconsolate, broken man since the death of his own dragon. He has become a storyteller resigned to the rule of the evil king, but he has new hope as the mentor and father-figure to Eragon.


Galbatorix is the ruler of an enormous empire that occupies the western part of Alagaësia. The former Dragon Rider brought about the demise of the storied order, and he now rules the land with an iron fist, stopping at nothing to capture or destroy Eragon and his dragon. Galbatorix's forces include the loathsome and brutish Urgals, whose faces are grotesquely patterned with scars.


Durza is a Shade, a sorcerer possessed by demonic spirits. Considered one of the most powerful beings in Alagëisia, he can only be killed through the heart. As one of Galbatorix's deadliest minions, the sorcerer is privy to palace intrigues (and possibly has dreams of power of his own).


Ajihad is the leader and general of the rebel Varden. In the secret stronghold of Farthen Dûr, located in a volcanic crater in the Beor Mountains, Ajihad and the Varden plot to overthrow Galbatorix.


As the guardian of the dragon egg, the beautiful warrior Arya is willing to die to protect the line of dragons. She joins Eragon, Saphira, and the rebellious Varden in a desperate stand against the forces of Galbatorix.


Murtagh is the son of Morzan, who betrayed the Dragon Riders to Galbatorix. Desperate to expunge the guilt of his father's sin, Murtagh seeks refuge in battle, fighting for the forces of good.


The story's most fantastical character is the flying dragon Saphira, who connects telepathically with her Rider, Eragon. As Saphira soars majestically through the sky – or conducts "strafing runs” on enemy forces – audiences will experience the most dynamic, fierce dragon ever, in the ultimate dragon movie.

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