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Eragon: Glossary
Alagaësia: a kingdom stretching from the western coastal wilderness of the Spine into the inland

Hadarac desert, which spreads to the southern summits of the Beor Mountains. It is a world of humans, sorcerers, monsters – and mighty dragons.

The Ancient Language: a form of communication that enables certain people to use magic.

Beor Mountains: a huge mountain range in the southeast of Alagaësia, where the Varden make their home.

Carvahall: Eragon's hometown; a small town near the Spine.

Dragon Riders: those who help maintain peace in Alagaësia with the help of their dragons.

Gil'ead: a heavily guarded city where Arya is imprisoned by Durza.

Ra'zac: demonic mercenaries that serve Durza.

Shade: a sorcerer possessed by evil spirits.

Spine, The: Vast mountain range covering almost all of Alagaësia's west coast.

Urgals: loathsome and brutish troops who serve Galbatorix. Their faces are grotesquely patterned with scars.

Varden: a group of rebels based in Farthen Dûr.

Zar'roc: Eragon's sword, given to him by Brom.


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