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About The Production
The idea for Because I Said So began with a routine dentist appointment. Co-screenwriter Karen Leigh Hopkins was passing time in the waiting room when she overheard the story of a mother who was proud of setting up her daughter on dates with men she believed to be quite eligible.

"I found the concept fascinating,” recalls Hopkins. "Here was a mother who desperately wanted to see her daughter married, but she was seeing her child make all the wrong decisions when it came to men. In the name of love, she decided to take matters into her own hands and blatantly pursue potential suitors for her daughter via the Internet…without her daughter's knowledge. I thought, "There are limitless possibilities you could have with this in a movie.”

At the time, Hopkins was working with the film's co-writer/producer, Jessie Nelson (who, like the Wilder daughters, has two sisters) on a different project. But once this idea of a modern-day yenta was fleshed out between the two, they realized the direction in which they wanted to put their creative focus and efforts.

Nelson comments, "Everybody has a mother, and though all mother/child relationships are unique, I have no doubt every mom in the world wants to see her kids healthy, happy, successful and in love with the right person. The meddling mother comic possibilities are endless, and all could be based upon real truths. Everyone can relate, which is why the project took on great momentum once we started moving forward.”

In creating the script, the writers simply wanted audiences to see their own lives reflected. Continues Nelson, "This is a movie about very flawed characters who learn and grow and step on each other's toes along the way. But at the end of the day, they love one another fiercely. There's a certain hilarity within family dynamics. If you peel back the layers of any family unit, there's going to be black comedy there. This is about, at the end of the day, how insane love is—motherly love, sisterly love, romantic love. It's messy and impossible, but that's what makes it so incredible.”

After reading the screenplay from Nelson and Hopkins, Paul Brooks, president of Gold Circle Films, signed on for his company to further develop, finance and produce Because I Said So, with distribution from Universal Pictures. "I thought the script was very funny, warm and relatable,” Brooks notes. "I have a wife and a daughter, and I've always been fascinated by their relationship. The dynamic is just so different from men. I believe women will instantly relate to this film and the people in it, and blokes like me who have wives, mothers and daughters will recognize a lot of what's going on…and perhaps even develop a sense of understanding!”

With a production partner in place, the team began looking for a director with the sensibilities needed to tell the story. Enter Michael Lehmann, a filmmaker whose previous body of work includes the celebrated cult classic Heathers and romantic comedies from 40 Days and 40 Nights to The Truth About Cats & Dogs. As with Brooks, Lehmann was intrigued by the screenplay's take on the dynamics of a mother/daughter bond. "Obviously, I'd never experienced this kind of relationship firsthand,” he notes, "but I have two sisters and a wife and a daughter, so I've been exposed to it throughout my life. I know it's an incredibly loaded relationship, and I thought that the story represented it in a way that rings very true.”

With the right director in place, Gold Circle was now ready to cast Because I Said So. All they needed were three gorgeous, talented daughters and a simultaneously lovable, exasperating and sexy mom to fit the bill.

Fortuitously, daughters would come to play an important part in the casting process. The film's co-writer/producer, Jessie Nelson, grew to know Diane Keaton at the Los Ang


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