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About The Production
EPIC MOVIE comes from the new masters of the parody genre – Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer – who now set their parodic sights on the largest genre of them all: Hollywood's big-budget, special effects-laden, blockbuster franchise films. After successfully skewering the scary movie and romantic comedy franchises as two of the six writers of "Scary Movie,” and as the writers/director of "Date Movie,” the duo now focus on this untapped niche – Hollywood's summer and fall tentpoles - proving once again that they are proud of being "first to be second.”

For the last thirty years, from "Airplane” to "Hot Shots” to "Scary Movie,” parodic comedies have focused on specific movie genres. With the studios' ongoing deluge of summer and holiday blockbusters becoming the norm, writers/directors Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer felt the time was ripe to expand the scope of genre parodies to include recent action films, comic book films, and children's fantasy films.

The idea for the film came to Friedberg and Seltzer while they were making "Date Movie” with producer Paul Schiff. "We had so much fun making that movie we didn't want to stop, so we came up with another one,” says Schiff. "We were just brainstorming and talking about targets of opportunities ripe for parodies.”

Friedberg and Seltzer decided to build the framework for the film around the general plot of "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” Thus was born the characters of Edward, Peter, Susan and Lucy – four unrelated orphans in search of their homes, who are magically transported into the fantasy world of Gnarnia ("with a G, like Gnarly”), where they meet The White Bitch (Jennifer Coolidge), and her team of assistants and assassins. Along the way they meet numerous incarnations of characters from recent tentpole films.

"We just like these movies and thought they'd be great movies to ridicule,” says Aaron Seltzer. "Like ‘The Da Vinci Code' and ‘Superman' and ‘X-Men' and ‘Nacho Libre.' It just seemed like fun to parody them all, using ‘Narnia' as the broad outline, and then it just stemmed from there.”

EPIC MOVIE reunites four of the stars from "Date Movie” – Adam Campbell, Jennifer Coolidge, Tony Cox and Fred Willard - and introduces many actors new to the directors' repertory company. The filmmakers note that they fell in love with a lot of great, funny actors on "Date Movie,” and felt lucky to be able to bring some of them back. "Overall,” notes Jason Friedberg, "we wanted a really strong ensemble cast and lots of different personalities.”

A quartet of talented comedic actors plays the orphans who, strangely, look nothing alike. Kal Penn plays Edward, who falls under the White Bitch's spell; Adam Campbell is Peter, who tries to be a true leader even though his natural inclinations are to cut and run; Faune Chambers is Susan, the practical and stoic one; and Jayma Mays is Lucy…the idiot.

"Edward is loosely based on the Edmund character from ‘Narnia,'” Kal Penn relates. "He's jealous of his older brother, Peter, and doesn't really think that he's part of the family. He's the traitorous character. He's led to believe that the witch is going to make him king of this land, whereas my siblings are on a separate mission. He doesn't feel like he really belongs, but through the course of the story they all come together as a family to fight off the witch.”

In a spoof of Penn's own body of work, the directors added a reference to "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.” "It was definitely important to me to ridicule something that I've done as just part of the good-natured aspect of EPIC MOVIE,” Penn says. "I think the great thing about all the movies we're ridiculing is that they're such a form of pop culture reference, that to even have the White Castle reference was kind of an honor.”


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