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The Conversations
The filmmakers worked closely with Bryan Hartnell and the officers who handled the case to understand what transpired at Lake Berryessa Sept. 27, 1969.

Napa Sheriff's Detective Ken Narlow wasn't one of the responding officers on the scene that day – Patrol Officers John Robertson and David Collins were. But Narlow, then a detective sergeant oversaw the murder investigation at the time. Now retired, he remains a consultant to the Napa Sheriff's Department on the Zodiac case, getting continuous leads to this day – "I think it will never leave me,” he says. 

"I was up at Berryessa when they were shooting the stabbing scene and when they did the scene of the (Zodiac's) handwriting on the car,” he says. "I remember it was 6 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon” – the time of the attack. "It tore me up to watch it. He used the knife on those kids instead of guns. In my humble opinion he stabbed Bryan Hartnell about half as many times as he did Cecilia and I think what saved Bryan's life is that Cecilia started screaming and she distracted him. He stabbed her 10 times, 5 in the front and 5 in the back. I got pretty teary-eyed watching them do that re-enactment. I'm a pretty hard-hearted guy and I never in my wildest dreams thought that it would affect me like that. I mean after 37 years. I'd be up there watching the movie and I kept thinking that is what those kids went through. I took it pretty personal I guess. We should have caught that guy.” 

It was Collins, now retired, who was the last to talk to Cecilia before she died. "My part does not show up in the movie but I was interviewed for the DVD so I have seen the movie. It was startling and I was riveted to the screen. I became very anxious watching it because it was so true to life. It was very difficult for me to watch. During the time I spent with Cecilia that day she kept saying `I'm freezing.' She was going into shock so I put my coat on her and she wore it until the ambulance came. She was crying, injured so badly. She kept saying, `I hurt all over. Give me something for the pain.' But I didn't have anything.”

The Zodiac had stabbed Bryan until his body went limp, then he began stabbing Cecilia until she played dead. That's when he stopped and walked away, Cecilia told Collins. "They lay on the blanket all tied up. There was a fisherman out on the lake nearby. They started screaming for help. At first the fisherman didn't think much about it. Then he was concerned somebody might be trying to lure him in to attack him. So he waited for about 10 minutes and then he realized somebody was in trouble. They yelled at him and told him they had been stabbed to please come up there and help them. He told them he would go for help. They didn't want him to leave. But he went to the owners of a nearby resort called Rancho Monticello Resort. After he left, they just laid on that blanket all tied up. They didn't think he was coming back and their only hope was to try and get out of there. Cecilia told me they untied each other but it wasn't until the screening that I finally got to talk to Bryan and learn the answer to the question I wanted to know all these years – How did they untie each other with their feet and hands tied so tightly behind their backs? They were so weak from being in that position, from the loss of blood and being terrified. Bryan told me they backed up to each other on the blanket and she was able to get the knots loose. He tried to crawl for help but when we got there he was only about 30 feet from her before he collapsed.” 

By the time Collins and Robertson arrived, the resort owner, a park ranger, the fisherman and his son were at the scene waiting for the officers and ambulance to arrive. It took the patrol officers 30 minutes to get to the scene because of traffic on the mountainous winding road; the ambulance another 20 minutes. From the time of the attack to rescue,

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