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Imagining Things
When the first draft of PREMONITION was submitted to producer Ashok Amritraj and his company Hyde Park Entertainment, Amritraj thought the screenplay had all the ingredients of a terrifically twisty motion picture. What especially sparked Amritraj to the screenplay was not just the opportunity to mix a domestic drama with a time-shifting suspense movie, but the chance to keep an audience engaged without the liberal doses of violence so often associated with thrillers. "The movies that keep you on the edge of your seat aren't about blood and gore, but have a psychological angle that really unnerves you, like old Hitchcock movies,” says producer Amritraj. "This is an extremely original story and script.”

As with all great stories, PREMONITION began as a very simple idea: how would it feel to lose the most important person in your life, only to wake up the next day and find them alive? Would you assume it was a dream or regard it as a foretelling of tragedy yet to come? When producer Sunil Perkash posed these questions to writer Bill Kelly, he took the idea a step further. "What if the days of that week were like playing cards – you throw them up in the air and however they land is how they play out?” By taking the emotional tension of such an incredible loss, and adding this component of uncertainty, the story questions notions of fidelity, love and fate. "If Linda had become so complacent about her life, such that every day felt the same,” says writer Bill Kelly, "then this phenomenon she experiences becomes the conduit for making her realize what is important to her.”

Founded upon the premise of a woman unsure of her surroundings, torn between the complete control by which she has been leading her life, and accepting her fate, PREMONITION's narrative was inherently cinematic. Equally important, it had a strong female protagonist who is placed in an extraordinary situation which she must solve in order to right her world. "It has this wonderful premise about an everyday housewife who is faced with the possibility of her husband dying and the power to prevent it,” Amritraj explains. "We thought that was something both men and certainly women could relate to.”

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