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Having Visions
With the PREMONITION screenplay in hand, the filmmakers began the search for a director who could bring more than special effects and "conventional” genre elements to the project; someone who would have a sure touch with tone and actors yet show a flair for reality and un-reality. "I wanted a filmmaker who had new ideas for the genre,” says Amritraj, "so that PREMONITION would be more than just a thriller.”

The filmmakers met with at least 35 different directors before choosing German-born Mennan Yapo, who had made an unconventional, dreamlike thriller called "Soundless”, about a hit man at a crossroads. "We were really impressed by that film” explains Amritraj, "It was clearly the look and feel we were looking for. He had all the right ideas from casting to lighting.”

Perkash agreed, "Mennan's movie was fresh, interesting and stylish. And, more importantly it didn't feel Hollywoodized. Mennan has his own ideas, and his own un- Hollywood creative way of thinking.”

Yapo shared their enthusiasm for the project: "The non-linear structure of the story posed a distinctive technical as well as creative challenge that I couldn't wait to get started!”

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