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Out Of Order
One of the challenges in shooting a movie where the days are out of order is coming up with a shooting schedule that allows the actors to stay focused. Yapo had a clear idea on exactly where the actors were in the trajectory of the story.

"My main directive was to get a shooting schedule that was pretty much in the continuity of the movie, not a continuity of the shooting days. Bullock had an emotional line that she needed to follow. For example, in the bedroom she awakens six or seven times. We did not go into that bedroom for two days and shoot all the different wakeups. That would have been fatal because we would have run out of ideas. You aren't fresh anymore. So, we scheduled it where we could come back several times,” says Yapo.

It was a unique challenge for Bullock to keep her own linear life and Linda's jumbled existence in the same mindframe, and even though Bullock had a script to consult and the character of Linda has a secret calendar she keeps, it was never easy. Says Bullock, "It was insanity. We had a really hard schedule, and it was pretty much a state of chaos. At one point I went to Mennan and said ‘I feel like I'm going insane.' He said, ‘You need to be in this place. This is the character.' I'm like, ‘Oh great.' So it was really interesting for me to just let go and use the fact that I was so frustrated as Sandy trying to figure out this schedule, and then on a daily basis immerse myself into this woman's life and unravel. There was a method to his madness, and I got to the very core of myself.”

Bullock knows it's those scenes of internal terror that are as effective as any surface surprises in a classic psychological thriller. "Everyone's fascinated by the breakdown of the mind. Is she crazy? Is everyone else crazy? That sort of film. But when those films are lacking in emotion, lacking a grounding story, they don't work. If there's a story that is very real, I think it makes everyone on edge in a good way. Maybe this will scare everyone into living their life.”

Ultimately, what everyone involved wanted to create was a gripping, suspenseful and emotional experience. "That's one of the reasons I wanted to become a director,” says Yapo. "To entertain people and take them on a ride. I want audiences to follow Linda on her journey and say wow, this could happen to me. It's why psychological thrillers are interesting, because they're about people, and what's in their mind.”

Producer Ashok Amritraj loves the idea of giving moviegoers a trip that not only leads them along, but continually overturns their expectations: "You unravel the mystery a little bit, then there's another layer, and another layer. You're thrown a curveball often through this movie, and today I think the atmosphere is right for that kind of thriller.”

And who's to say premonitions don't exist? Throughout the centuries there have been reported cases of women with this particular foretelling gift. Many of the cast and crew told tales of their premonitions, the most interesting being Kate Nelligan's, "I did believe long after I should have that I would have a child and he was exactly as I saw him,” recalls Nelligan. "I saw what he would look like in various stages of his life, and that is exactly what he looks like. Actually, it was a dream. The happiest dream I ever had and it was absolutely accurate.”

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