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About The Supporting Cast
Trapped between his beautiful but predictable wife and his stunning new female friend, Richard Cooper's only source of male advice comes from his co-workers in the offices of Pupkin & Lanford. There, one married man who's not missing out on any extra-marital activity is Richard's friend George, the office's unlikely Don Juan. To play George, Chris Rock went for an amusingly offbeat choice – Steve Buscemi, the acclaimed actor who's a lot better known for his unforgettable performances than for any kind of matinee idol looks.

"Once again, I tried to get off the beaten path where you usually get this hunky guy who's sleeping with all the women,” says the writer/director. "Nah – the guy that sleeps with all the women is the guy with personality and that's George.”

Rock even wrote the role with Buscemi, whose many memorable roles have ranged from FARGO to CON AIR to "The Sopranos,” in mind. "I've always loved him as an actor and I figured he'd be perfect,” says Rock. "I think he'll get some of the biggest laughs in the movie. He annihilated me every time he opened his mouth.”

For the role of Mr. Landis, the head of Pupkin & Langford, Rock cast another unexpected and award-winning actor known for his exceptional work on the stage, television and the big screen: Tony® and Emmy® Award winner Edward Herrmann. Herrmann was surprised himself by how he responded to the screenplay. "I said ‘oh, how great. This is a real grownup picture,'” he recalls. "Chris is funny and observant but there's also something very affirmative in it.”

Mr. Landis of course has his own agenda when it comes to Richard Cooper. "Mr. Landis has one focus and one focus only: to get Richard focused back on his work!” says Herrmann. "He depends on Chris as one of his brightest people – and now that he's in some sort of a crisis with this woman, it's driving him nuts. He finally offers his own words of wisdom about women.”

Says Chris Rock: "The funny thing about Landis is that he might be the boss, but you realize he has slept with a lot of women. He's the guy who figured it all out a long time ago.”

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