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A Shooter Who Becomes A Target
Driving the action of "Shooter” is Bob Lee Swagger, one of the most devastatingly accurate snipers in the entire world and a man who has spent his entire existence taking on perilous missions and risking his life for what he believes. But now, this stoic hero with deadly abilities will have to turn all his smarts, skills and knowledge towards saving himself – and uncovering the conspiracy that has left him as the patsy in an assassination attempt on the President of the United States.

Bringing Swagger to life is an actor who was able to bring both authentic athletic prowess and simmering psychological intensity to the role: Mark Wahlberg, who has risen to become one of Hollywood's most sought-after actors with his standout performances in such films as "Boogie Nights,” "Three Kings,” "The Perfect Storm,” "Invincible” and most recently has garnered numerous awards including Golden Globe and Oscar® nominations for "The Departed.”

Wahlberg was drawn to the role precisely because he knew it would be a new and exciting challenge. "‘Shooter' was both a physical challenge and a huge mental challenge,” he says. "It's a really smart movie that also has a lot of action. This is a character who has to go through so much just to prove his innocence and open people's eyes. His story is an amazing ride.”

For Wahlberg, the heart of the character was his shattered belief system – and the journey he goes through to restore his sense of being able to make a difference in a corrupted world. "This guy has dedicated his whole life to fighting for his country and fighting for freedom, but he's also been betrayed,” the actor explains. "Still, once they sell him the idea that innocent people and our President could be in danger, he sits up in his chair and says ‘which way do you want me to go?' Then, when he's betrayed again, he's rightfully overcome with anger. He's cut off from everything and everyone, he's in this impossible situation, but if he's going to attain his goal he has to start to see himself as not all alone in the world anymore.”

The subtle yet relentlessly suspenseful portrait Wahlberg provides is of a man whose quiet, reserved, stolid exterior is about to boil over into a rage for the truth. All of the filmmakers were impressed with Wahlberg's unsinkable devotion to bringing Bob Lee Swagger to life in such a multilayered way. Says Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who has previously worked with Wahlberg on four other films: "Mark has incredible concentration. When he's committed to something, he'll jump in and just do it and get it right – and he won't stop until he does that. He brought a lot of veracity to Bob Lee Swagger because he put in all of the work leading up to it.”

Di Bonaventura continues: "What I also love about Mark is he's not afraid to be a man. He's almost a throw-back to the leading men of another era in that way.”

While Wahlberg threw himself with typical gusto into the rigorous physical training necessary to carry out the film's complex and realistic action sequences, he was equally focused on finding his way past Bob Lee Swagger's incredible strength to touch upon the vulnerability within. This is revealed in the scenes in which Swagger connects with the only person left in the world to whom he discovers he can confide – his former partner's feisty widow, Sarah, played in the film by rising newcomer Kate Mara.

"Sarah is basically the only person on earth who can help Bob,” notes Wahlberg. "I feel like the chemistry we have together helps to make the movie that much more accessible, even to women, inside this hard core story about survival. It's not really a lust thing between them. They have this deeper understanding and they need each other in any number of different ways. Their relationship is extremely innocent and caring, i

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