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Fact, Fiction And Faith
The character of Katherine Winter is based on real-life skeptics and scientists that take on unnatural occurrences and miracles. "All over the world, people are drawn to the idea of miracles,” Silver comments. "Even when scientists try to explain them away, it usually fails to dissuade the faithful. It's all part of the classic struggle between science and the will to believe.”

In preparation for her role, Swank delved into research and spoke to a number of debunkers, many of whom, like Katherine, were once very religious people. Swank notes, "I read a lot of books on debunking myths, and a magazine called The Skeptical Inquirer. I didn't even know that there were magazines like that out there. I also read the Bible. It was so interesting to enter this world and see people driven by science and others driven by faith.”

Hopkins likewise plunged into the world of miracle debunking. "I met one gentleman who has debunked 60 or 70 miracles in his life, and he works as a professor of theology,” says the director. "He told me about his experiences going around the world. He'd seen a lot of things he could explain, but there were some things that he couldn't. I think it's an extraordinary type of character: someone who is obsessed with finding out the truth of whether these miracles exist or not.”

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