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About The Supporting Cast
THE HOAX not only offered three plum lead roles but also an unusually intriguing series of smaller roles that helped to draw a stellar supporting cast, including Hope Davis, Julie Delpy, Eli Wallach and Stanley Tucci.

Hope Davis, a Golden Globe nominee for AMERICAN SPLENDOR and an Independent Spirit Award nominee for THE SECRET LIVES OF DENTISTS, plays Andrea Tate, a fictionalized portrait based on Clifford's real editor (whose name was changed by the filmmakers), who sticks by him to the bitter end, despite fearing for her career. Davis enjoyed giving the fashionable, ambitious character some comedic bite. "Andrea doesn't mince her words and she has a few choice things to say to people,” Davis laughs. "She and Clifford also have a kind of contentious relationship which was a lot of fun. Getting to holler at Richard Gere was pretty exciting.”

Lasse Hallström was thrilled by Davis's volatile chemistry with Gere and a portrait that is at once funny and revealing. "Hope has such a great range as an actress,” says the director. "She moves from comedy to drama with equal ease.” Adds Leslie Holleran: "For this role, we needed someone of strength and intelligence yet also constantly on the edge of their nerve, and Hope brings both that kind of nervous energy and steely intent that really pulls it off.”

Another of the film's complex female roles is that of the ravishing European Baroness Nina Van Pallandt, who was Clifford Irving's mistress at the time of the hoax – and who would play a key role in exposing his fraud. Ironically, Van Pallandt's career as a singer and actress would take off in the wake of the Irving scandal, and she went on to star in numerous films, including AMERICAN GIGOLO with Richard Gere. Parisian-born actress and 2005 Oscar® nominee for BEFORE SUNSET Julie Delpy takes on the character in THE HOAX.

Delpy says of the role: "I tried to make Nina lively and fun without making her a caricature. She's a little mysterious and manipulative, but there is also more to her. I never met the real Nina but I did watch several of her films and could tell some of her mannerisms. She's very sophisticated and has a whole different way of moving. In this version of the story, she's portrayed as very driven, as someone who puts a lot of work into her behavior as a woman, and is very seductive.”

Like her character, Delpy found aspects of Clifford Irving surprisingly attractive, despite his slippery relationship to the truth. "I think there's something very strong about daring to do something like he did,” she says. "It was extremely risky and at times very brilliant. I actually think it's kind of great that he almost pulled it off.”

One person who was not at all pleased that Clifford Irving almost pulled off his hoax was Shelton Fisher, then President of McGraw-Hill, who is portrayed in THE HOAX by popular screen and television star Stanley Tucci, an Emmy, Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Award winner for acting as well an accomplished screenwriter and director. Tucci's portrait takes the character in a comical direction, as the corporate honcho blinded by his own ambition, greed and competitive instincts. "In out story, he's a sort of gruff, outspoken guy who flies into rages very easily, which is awfully fun to do, and has the wool pulled over his eyes time and time again by Clifford Irving,” says Tucci.

As for why his character is so easily taken in by Irving's ploy, Tucci says: "He believes in Clifford because, like everyone else, he simply wants so badly to believe. It's such a huge story for him and once he takes an extreme risk, his reputation is on the line. Of course, Clifford Irving could be very convincing He was a brilliant charlatan.”

Tucci believes the human need to believe in a great story, even if it's not true, continues to be a hidden factor in all aspect of<

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