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Moon Bloodgood Is Starfire
One of the warriors in PATHFINDER is a woman: the current Pathfinder's beautiful daughter, Starfire, whose passion for Ghost drives her to help alter the course of his future. To play Starfire, Marcus Nispel turned to Moon Bloodgood, an actress he had worked with nearly a decade ago in a television commercial, and who has since evolved into a strong and alluring screen presence in her own right. She recently appeared as a bush pilot in the adventure Eight Below.

"The chemistry between Moon and Karl worked really well, which was so important,” says Nispel. "Beyond that, Starfire was a very tough role to play because she has to wind up being strong enough to surprise everyone and truly become the leader of her people. Moon was great at making this really come alive.”

Bloodgood immediately responded to the script. "To me, it's not only an action film but a love story and a story about the choices you make in life to take one path or the other,” she says. "I felt that Ghost is a man who, like so many people, is torn between his bad side and his good side, and Starfire is very important because she sees his potential and helps him to become a better human being.”

She also loved the idea of re-imagining unwritten parts of history. "The notion of a fierce struggle between Vikings and Native Americans is mesmerizing,” comments Bloodgood. "We may never know what really happened during those times, but it's a great fantasy to ponder. Thinking about what might have happened when these huge, foreign Norsemen came to America and the different cultures clashed – that really drew me.”

Bloodgood believes that Starfire is a rare role for a woman, in a story filled with wild action and a journey that ends not only in love but in leadership of an entire people. Bloodgood realizes some will be surprised by her character's hidden destiny but she felt it all made perfect sense, especially given the matriarchal status of women in native societies.

"Starfire has a lot of strength and intuition and I think she's learned a lot from her father, who was the Pathfinder before her,” says the actress. "I think the fact that she helps Ghost to move beyond vengeance and to become a better man is very important in her being chosen as the next Pathfinder. I just hope the audience really feels she has become worthy of this honor, and that Ghost has become a vessel for her to find her own strength.”

As with Karl Urban, on the set, Moon Bloodgood found herself thrust into an intense series of outdoor adventures and breathtaking action sequences. "It was an incredible roller coaster ride making this film, and I don't think I've ever done anything so physically demanding,” she says. "One minute I was freezing, the next minute I was exhausted, and there were so many scary stunts that I had to do. It was such a whirlwind and yet it was also so exhilarating. In the end, I loved every moment of it.”

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