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"To a certain extent, everybody lives a double life,” says Academy Award®- winner Halle Berry, star of Revolution Studios' sexy new thriller, Perfect Stranger. "We're all complicated beings; we're different people all the time – for example, a woman might act differently at work than she does at home. We all hide something, even from our best friends. This movie highlights that and takes it to the next level, showing what we're capable of when we're forced to come to terms with it.”

For director James Foley, who has previously explored such territory in the psychological thrillers At Close Range, Fear, and Glengarry Glen Ross, the idea goes even further. "Everybody lies; it just depends on how big the lie is and what the consequences of the lie are,” says the director. "I'm fascinated by the idea that people sometimes act in ways that they don't realize what they're doing – the audience understands the character's behavior, but the character himself does not. In addition, a character's double life lends itself to something that the cinema is uniquely designed to do: you can see and hear a character saying or doing something and realize that they're thinking something completely different.”

"We live in a world in which nothing is as it seems,” says producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas. "We believe things at face value, but we are living in an age in which we ought to be more cautious. We should ask questions about the world around us, whether we're receiving a diagnosis from a doctor or buying a product at the supermarket or meeting a person online.

"It's not coincidental that this film is set in an advertising agency,” Goldsmith- Thomas continues. "Things are packaged as the perfect product, but we know that nothing is perfect, most especially strangers, who can present one face but can hide so many others.”

According to Goldsmith-Thomas, the idea for Perfect Stranger came out of a conversation with her husband, co-producer Daniel A. Thomas. "We thought that the idea of online anonymity where anyone can be anyone was a provocative theme to explore. It's a dangerous gamble to presume that the person we're speaking to online is who they say they are. So, we started kicking around stories about what would happen when a person's virtual world collides with his real world. And Perfect Stranger was born.”

From the early stages, Berry saw the possibilities in Perfect Stranger and jumped on board. "We couldn't imagine anyone else in this role,” says Goldsmith- Thomas. "She loved what we wanted to do, where we wanted to take it. Knowing that she was playing a character who was playing a character, she looked at scenes from every angle to make sure there were no loose ends. We were blessed to have her as our partner.”

Berry found herself attracted to the character, which, she says, is unlike any she's ever played before – except for one common thread. "I love playing tortured characters,” says the Academy Award®-winning actress. "I don't know what that says about me, but I really love getting into the mind of someone who's a bit buffeted, a bit battered. This character is very vulnerable, but she's also very alive, and she finds her power little by little throughout the course of the movie. That's something wonderful to play.”

"You can't fully appreciate the complexity of Halle's performance,” says Goldsmith-Thomas, "until you go back and watch the film a second time. When you do, you realize that there were clues all along and reactions you might have missed the first go round. Essentially, she had to play this character on three different levels: one as Rowena Price, one as Katherine Pogue, and another as Veronica. We would watch her alter each performance based on which mask she was putting on. It was nothing short of remarkable.”

"I think Ro is a really good actre

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