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About The Story
In his directorial debut, writer Jonathan Kasdan presents a personal and poignant story about the serendipitous way in which people's lives can intersect at the most critical times. Guided by the formidable words of wisdom dispensed to all writers, write what you know, Kasdan found shifting gears from the daily rigors of writing for television to penning a feature-length screenplay, became an act of following his own heart and focusing on his love for film.

Kasdan explains, "I've been inundated with movies since my earliest memories. Films are my passion. It took a couple of scripts for me to realize that what I had to do was write something that was, among other things, fun. What I ended up writing was far more dramatic and more personal that I had intended.” He continues, "When I sat down to write a movie about what I really loved, it seemed obvious that what I really loved were women, being around them and trying to figure out my relationship with them.”

Carter Webb's adventure is one of self-discovery where often the bumpy road traveled is more illuminating than the final destination you arrive at. "The movie is really about a guy who is in the process of falling in love with his life. When we meet Carter,” Kasdan says, "he's struggling, conflicted and a bit lost. At the end of the movie, his changes are very subtle as he's had a couple of those moments where he comes into contact with the overwhelming thrill of the journey of his life.”

The script's ability to connect with those defining moments of everyday life was what attracted producers Steve Golin and David Kanter to the screenplay. "This is a movie about humanity,” says Kanter. "It's fresh and original and the dramatic questions posed are very relevant and couched in real language the dialogue is funny and smart. You're always hoping to find material that will leave an impact on the audience.”

For Golin what makes In the Land of Women such a compelling story, is people colliding at a time when everything in their lives, everything they thought they controlled, is slipping through their fingers, and in that moment, find allies in each other. "The movie spans a very brief period of time. Both Carter and Sarah are going through their own personal crises and for this short window they develop a very poignant bond with each other. It's about two people at the right time at the right place.”

Adam Brody adds "It's a really positive movie that's in love with life, in love with people, and in the end, appreciates the everyday moments of life. It's about relationships and love, and all those things intersecting.”

In the Land of Women is a glimpse inside a female-centric world from a young man's perspective. What continually caught the actors off-guard was Kasdan's uncanny ability to articulate a woman's perspective with such sensitivity.

"It's the mystery of the movie. How does he know about all these relationships?” muses Meg Ryan. "The tension in the family, all this unspoken stuff and how it plays out and how it affects everything about each of their lives. All the things that are not said and that finally need to be said, and that's the great catharsis of the movie, is when things are finally expressed and they can finally be healed.”

Olympia Dukakis offers, "Jon is so open, he doesn't attempt to be something he's not. He's a very sensitive, vulnerable guy who has tremendous enthusiasm. I think he's had his own unique experiences with women and understands the gravity of some relationships, the damage that can be done and the joy that can be there. He's written all of that in this story.”

Kanter suggests where Kasdan may have started to learn about the psychology of the opposite sex. "Jon told us a story about when he attended this very renowned private school in West Los An

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