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"Basically, DELTA FARCE is the Three Stooges meets STRIPES,” says Larry the Cable Guy of his new Lionsgate comedy. After single-handedly wreaking havoc in the stuffy world of fine dining, Larry partners up with his two equally clueless buddies (co-stars Bill Engvall and DJ Qualls) – and a stockpile of arms – to take on national security in DELTA FARCE.

"DELTA FARCE is about me and my two buddies, Everett and Bill, who get called up to go to Iraq, but we're not even really a fighting unit,” says Larry. "We get accidentally dropped in Mexico, but we still think that we're in Iraq. And before we know it, we're trying to save a Mexican town from banditos when we think we're fighting Iraqi insurgents.”

"The premise is filled with comic possibilities and it just so happens that the movie contains very funny comic performances by guys who know comedy,” says DELTA FARCE producer Alan Blomquist. "And in addition to ninety minutes of laughs, this movie's also got a great heart.”

DELTA FARCE is a new chapter in Larry's crazy life, and fans can look forward to the broad gags and self-deprecating humor they've come to expect from Larry. They'll also find some subtle changes in Larry's onscreen character. "When I did HEALTH INSPECTOR, I was really the only one who had the goofy, funny lines,” explains Larry. "This movie's a little different. We distributed the laughs a lot more. We're all kind of idiots, but I'm playing more the hero, the straight guy. It was a lot of fun.”

"I always tell Larry he has the Burt Reynolds role,” adds Blomquist. "He's the squad leader. He gets the girl. He saves the day. He's a knucklehead while he does it, because he's still Larry the Cable Guy. But this movie definitely requires him to stretch as an actor. And Larry loved it.”

For Larry, the road to a film career has been a long and varied one. A self-professed "blue collar comedian” from Florida, he spent years amassing a regional following as a radio personality, eventually transitioning fully into a stand-up comedy career with THE BLUE COLLAR COMEDY TOUR, a wildly successful tour with fellow comics Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy and Ron White. THE BLUE COLLAR COMEDY TOUR spawned a popular series of concert films, a TV show, and a Grammy-nominated soundtrack and established Larry as one of today's most successful comics, enabling him to make his first foray into film acting last year with the comedy, LARRY THE CABLE GUY: HEALTH INSPECTOR.

Writing specifically for Larry and Bill Engvall, screenwriting partners Bear Aderhold and Tom Sullivan tailored the roles in DELTA FARCE to match Larry's and Engvall's stand-up personalities, going so far as naming their characters after them. Says Sullivan, "We watched absolutely anything we could get our hands on that Larry and Bill did – the BLUE COLLAR COMEDY TOUR DVDs, their stand-up¬ – just to get their voices down and the nuances of how they act. Larry's got such a strong, particular voice that it really made it easy for us to envision all sorts of different, funny scenarios that he would be in.”

"We loved the DUMB AND DUMBER aspect of DELTA FARCE,” adds Aderhold. "My favorite type of comedy is when a normal guy gets thrown into a ridiculous situation, and that's what this movie is. Larry's a guy who means well, but he's always misunderstanding things and finding himself in ridiculous situations. But in the course of the journey, he finally figures out how to do the right thing, and he follows it through to the very end.”

Once the script was completed, producers J.P. Williams and Alan Blomquist turned to director CB Harding to helm the project. Harding had partnered with them on all of the BLUE COLLAR films, and everyone agreed that his familiarity with their work would be a huge asset to the production. When Harding first read the script, he found himself laughing out loud. "That's always a really good sign,” says the director.<


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