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Where Nancy Drew goes, mystery follows. And, for more than 75 years, this young heroine's fans worldwide have been eagerly going along on the adventure—exploring every dark path and secret staircase to find the clues that will solve the crime and confirm Nancy's reputation as everyone's favorite teen detective.

"Young people identify with Nancy. They want to do what she's doing,” says producer Jerry Weintraub. "She's smart, courageous, self-assured, and she can hold her own in any situation just by being herself. For generations, her stories have offered drama and suspense, as well as fun. Nancy is always where the action is, and that's why she never goes out of style.”

"I think it's fun for kids to see someone their own age solving mysteries in an adult world and doing so many cool things,” adds Emma Roberts.

In bringing Nancy Drew to the big screen, Weintraub and director Andrew Fleming sought to retain the timeless quality and appeal of the popular series while introducing Nancy to a new generation of movie fans by relocating her to Southern California and giving her another exciting case to solve. At the same time, Nancy must deal with the challenges that any 16 year old would face as "the new girl in town.” Her confidence is tested from the start by a tough reception from her peers in the fierce clique culture at Hollywood High while, privately, she wonders about her feelings for the boy she left back home in River Heights, now that they've been separated by so many miles.

It's all a little distracting, even for someone as famously focused as Nancy Drew. Says Fleming, "It creates an interesting juxtaposition and some natural humor to take her out of her comfort zone and throw her into this unfamiliar world, since Nancy Drew is the classic American girl, a combination of high spirits and hometown values. Everything is faster, louder and crazier in Los Angeles than what she's accustomed to. It's an invigorating challenge to her coping skills, and ultimately brings us back to the heart and soul of who she really is.”

As fans will attest, states Weintraub, "The essence of Nancy Drew is that she is always true to herself, no matter the circumstances.”

The film offers an original story, written for the screen by Andrew Fleming and Tiffany Paulsen. True to form is Nancy's uncanny ability to attract a mystery, and her unswerving commitment to solving it, no matter what. In this case, however, pursuing that passion puts her in the uncomfortable position of keeping the truth of her activities from her father, widowed attorney Carson Drew, whose job is what has relocated them to Southern California.

Carson is proud of his daughter's accomplishments but worries for her safety. "In River Heights, he can live with it because it's a small town and they know the police chief personally, but in L.A. it's a different game and he's understandably nervous about her pursuing an investigation here,” Weintraub explains. "Besides, he wants her to focus on having a good time and just enjoying being a teenager for once. So they come to California with the understanding that she will take a break from the detective work.”

Unfortunately for Nancy, prior to making this promise to her Dad, she had already selected the Draycott Mansion as the place for them to stay while in Los Angeles. "Because he feels a little guilty about uprooting her from everything familiar, he lets her pick the house for them to live in,” Roberts says. She then pauses before adding, "That was his first mistake.”

In fact, Nancy chose the house specifically because of the tantalizing mystery it holds: the unexplained death of its former owner, glamorous bygone film star Dehlia Draycott—a fictional incident that, Fleming says, "is an amalgamation of various strange Hollywood tragedies and rumors that have c


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