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During the filming of "Ocean's Thirteen,” Jerry Weintraub did not want the ensemble cast to withdraw to their individual trailers when they were not on set, so he came up with an idea that came to be called "The Ocean's Club.” He explains, "I wanted a place for everybody to hang out because this is a movie about camaraderie. I thought of it, our executive producer Susie Ekins put it together and Phil Messina designed it.”

Weintraub found an unused conference room attached to one of the soundstages they were using and had it turned into a proper club, complete with television, foosball tables, gaming tables and reading material. Breakfast, lunch and, on late nights, dinner were also available in the club.

Steven Soderbergh enjoyed the space so much that he had them move his portable Avid into the club and used it as his editing room during production. "The Ocean's Club was a great idea of Jerry's,” the director asserts. "It's not something I ever would have thought of, but it ended up being a perfect place for people to go and decompress. When the movie was wrapped, I think everyone missed spending time there with whomever you might run into. It really did have a positive impact on the production.”

Though the Ocean's Club was permanently closed when filming was completed, Weintraub made sure it would live on with the cast and filmmakers. He gave each of them an Ocean's Club card inscribed with the dictum: "You are a Lifetime Member. But if any one of us sees any other member any place in the world and you don't have your card with you, you buy the drinks.”


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