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A New Order
The fifth year of study at Hogwarts School presents a turning point, not only for Harry Potter but for his friends and classmates as well. No longer children, they are suddenly faced with the choices and challenges of young adulthood…and the consequences that come with them. Harry—dealing with the return of Lord Voldemort and the death of his friend Cedric Diggory—has been forced to grow up perhaps more quickly than the others and is compelled to take on responsibilities he never could have expected.

Making his entrance into the world of Harry Potter, director David Yates remarks, "It was exciting to me that this story takes place at a time in the students' lives when they are maturing and everything is becoming more complicated. It is about rebellion and about understanding the limits of adulthood; it's about discovering how difficult the world can become and how sometimes you have to make your own way in that world. So it's a blend of all the magic and fun that J.K. Rowling puts into her books and all the wonderful and amazing things that have been set in motion in the previous films, together with issues and ideas that are a bit more complex and touching on things that are quite grown up.”

David Heyman, the producer of all of the Harry Potter features, notes that the nature of the story was what led him to choose Yates—an award-winning British television director—to helm the fifth installment of the series. "David is a fantastic actors' director, and he has also shown that he can handle political subject matter in an entertaining way. This is not a political film, per se, but the politics of the magic world are very much at play here. We thought David would handle that brilliantly, and he has. He came in with a great passion for the material and a great sense of the emotional journey of the characters. He understood that, for all the spectacle, what we and the audience connect with are the characters.

"It was really rewarding how the kids embraced him and he them,” Heyman adds. "Like their characters, they are growing up and David treated them as equals. He realized that they know their characters well and was always soliciting their ideas and getting them to bring more of themselves to their roles in ways they hadn't before. That was exciting for them and for us.”

Returning in the role of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe attests, "I loved working with David. He is a delightful man, very soft-spoken, and yet I have never been pushed as hard as I was on this film, partly because of the nature of the story and partly because of his directing. He never settled for less; he always wanted me to go deeper, which was exactly what I felt I needed. He is a brilliant director.”

"David is wicked; we got on really well with him,” agrees Rupert Grint, the actor behind the role of Harry's best mate, Ron Weasley. "He was quite a bit different from the other directors because he has a more relaxed approach, but he always gave great suggestions.”

Emma Watson, who plays Harry's loyal friend Hermione Granger, adds, "It was really lovely because David listened to what we had to say about our characters. He was respectful of the fact that we have been playing these people for five films now. He appreciated the history and the special relationship that Dan, Rupert and I share because it adds truth to the friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione. David really looks for truth in all of the characters.”

Yates was working from a script by another newcomer to the fold, screenwriter Michael Goldenberg. "I was thrilled when David Heyman called and asked me to be involved,” Goldenberg recalls. "The great thing about working on a Harry Potter film is that it's something bigger than yourself, so there is no question of ego getting in the way. I know it's a cliché, but it's a magical thing to be a<

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