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Battle Lines
Despite his newfound confidence as a leader and his open defiance of Umbridge as a teacher, Harry is still plagued by nightmares. Even more terrifying, his nightmares now seem to be foretelling actual events. But what troubles Dumbledore is the growing realization that Harry's nightmares might not be dreams at all but, rather, an attempt by Voldemort to use Harry's own mind against him. Dumbledore enlists Professor Snape to teach Harry the art of Occlumency, which will enable him to block the Dark Lord's attempts to infiltrate his mind. The lessons are both grueling and revealing in ways neither Harry nor even Snape had anticipated, but they are to no avail. Voldemort's mind games prove too strong for the young wizard.

Harry awakens from a terrible nightmare in which he sees Sirius being attacked behind a door he remembers seeing when he was summoned to the Ministry for his hearing. He knows there is a chance that the nightmare was actually a trap meant to lure him to the Ministry, but he cannot take that chance. Sirius is the only family he has left. But Harry will not be going alone. Despite his initial protestations, he is joined by five courageous members of Dumbledore's Army: Hermione, Ron, Neville, Luna and the youngest Weasley sibling, Ginny. If Harry is willing to risk everything to save Sirius, they are willing to risk everything to stand by him.

Arriving at the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic, the six young wizards make their way into the Hall of Prophecy—a seemingly infinite room filled with prophecies that have each been encased in a myriad of individual glass orbs and then catalogued and stored on endless rows of shelves. Stuart Craig says the original plan was "to physically manufacture 15,000 glass spheres and place them on glass shelves. The whole thing was going to be a crystal palace covered in cobwebs and dust. But then we realized that when the shelves came crashing down, it would be a one-take deal. It would have taken weeks to replace and reset the orbs.” Practicality won out, and the entire sequence was instead shot against a green screen, making the Hall of Prophecy the first-ever completely computer-generated set in a Harry Potter film.

Harry instantly recognizes that he has seen the Hall of Prophecy before, but as they makes their way down the rows of numbered shelves, it is Neville who makes a startling discovery. The label for one of the glass orbs bears the name Harry Potter. Unaware that the prophecy holds the key to the connection between him and Lord Voldemort, Harry takes it in his hands…and the trap is sprung. The teenage wizards are surrounded by a group of Death Eaters, led by the treacherous Lucius Malfoy. Reprising the role of Lucius, actor Jason Isaacs notes, "At that moment, Lucius' mask of civility is gone forever. The battle lines have been drawn and there is no pretending which side he is on.”

One of Lucius' allies is Sirius' sadistic cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, a recent escapee from Azkaban Prison and a devoted follower of the Dark Lord. It was she who put a Cruciatus Curse on Neville's parents, torturing them to insanity—a fate Sirius calls "worse then death.” Her appearance gives Neville a new reason for being there. Matthew Lewis, who has played the role of Neville in all of the Harry Potter movies, comments, "Neville turns out to be a lot braver than even he thought. To take this character on a journey from being this child who you would never think could fight, let alone against Death Eaters, to being a man who will fight to avenge his parents…it was just unbelievable.”

Joining the Harry Potter ensemble for the first time, Helena Bonham Carter relished taking on the role of the evil Bellatrix Lestrange. "If somebody asks you to be in a Harry Potter movie, you have to do it, and I really had fun with this role. Bellatrix o


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