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About The Production
The script for I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry has had a lengthy history in Hollywood. Comedy director/producer Tom Shadyac and his production partner, Michael Bostick, of Shady Acres Entertainment developed the story and the script a decade ago with legendary comedy writer Barry Fanaro. Over the years, Shady Acres had supervised multiple treatments of the script with varied comic actors in discussions to play the well-intended con men. But they just hadn't found the right comedy duo to give life to their Chuck and Larry.

After bringing the script to Adam Sandler and his production partner at Happy Madison, Jack Giarraputo, the filmmakers knew that Chuck & Larry finally had found the right home. With revisions to Fanaro's script by the Oscar®-winning writing team of Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor, the story of two bumbling, good-hearted firefighters would soon be ready for production.

Sandler responded to the character of womanizing firefighter Chuck Levine, who is forced to grow up when it comes time to help his best friend out of a tough situation. He enjoyed the script's humor and was interested in having actor Kevin James play his comedy partner on screen, Larry Valentine. The actor/producer, who has for years shown comedians of every stripe in his films, agreed to star in and produce the comedy. Of his interest in the project, Sandler notes, "I loved the fact that this film was about how far you would you go for a friend…and that these two guys would do anything for each other.”

James related to his character, Larry, because "Larry is a family man who is most concerned with the well-being of his kids.” James also responded to the bond between the title characters. "At the end of the day, this film is about friendship and how these two guys really look out for one another,” he comments. "I was unbelievably happy when Adam called and wanted me to do this movie with him.”

Shady Acres was sold on the idea of Sandler and James in the film, and Universal Pictures gave it the greenlight.

The producers would look to their longtime partner, comedy director Dennis Dugan, to helm the project. Dugan has worked with Sandler and Giarraputo on films from Happy Gilmore to Big Daddy, and he most recently directed Happy Madison's The Benchwarmers, starring Sandler favorites David Spade and Rob Schneider, as well as Jon Heder.

Dugan offers, "This is our fourth movie together—we've taken a long road together over the past 10 years. Working as a director with Adam, you see he's not just an actor for hire, a guy with a vanity company. He's a real filmmaker. He writes, produces, develops; he's in the editing room and on the music.”

To complete the backbone of Chuck & Larry's team, the filmmakers would surround themselves with a crew of familiar faces, including some longtime partners: Academy Award®-winning cinematographer Dean Semler, costume designer Ellen Lutter, production designer Perry Andelin Blake and editor Jeff Gourson—all who had worked with Happy Madison on the company's previous two productions, Click and The Longest Yard.

With the production team and the title characters in place, Dugan and the producers would begin the process of casting friends, family and a host of Saturday Night Live alumni to bring Chuck and Larry's world to life.

While he is often known to bring back audience favorites from his previous comedies, for I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Sandler, along with the other producers and director Dugan, would look to a woman who had played roles as varied as a pastor's daughter, an elite fighter pilot and a vampire hunter. Jessica Biel, fresh off her critically acclaimed turn in 2006's The Illusionist, came aboard to play Alex McDonough, the attorney the two firefighters hire to represent them against the fraud charges f

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