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The Locations
Filming took place over 14 weeks between August and November of 2005, with the shoot moving from Tunisia in North Africa, (standing in for Rome), to Slovakia in Eastern Europe (which doubled for Britannia). 

Martha De Laurentiis explains: "Tunisia is not so far from southern Italy. It looks and feels the same. It's the same terrain, the same sea. Because Tunisia is also still rather unspoiled and not as built up as Italy, it is easier to film there. There is a fantastic studio there, Empire Studios, where they recreated Rome. They seem to have kept every building from every production ever made there. So that was a big plus, we didn't have to rebuild ancient Rome, it already existed there!"

Tabarka, on the northern coast of Tunisia, and the crystal clear blue sea around it stood in for the Island of Capri, while Spisske Castle in Slovakia was used for the scenes in Britannia. 

"We wanted Britannia to look completely different from Rome. Tunisia and Slovakia are poles apart," says Martha De Laurentiis. "The castle was so absolutely perfect and the views from there are incredible—the landscape just goes on for miles and miles, completely unspoiled."

For Firth the experience of making the film was very fulfilling: "I came into this not knowing if this was the sort of genre that I belonged in, and I now feel that I don't really want to do anything else. Of course, I'll be going off doing other things, but I just want to be on a horse waving a sword about now, traveling with a group of trusted friends. It's been the most wonderful experience."

Director Lefler says "In a lot of ways we are hoping that this film will appeal to everybody. We haven't aimed it at a family audience or an adult audience. There are mature elements and family friendly elements in this story. There are things that are family friendly in this story. It's got action, adventure and romance, and there's a child at the center of it. It's a story about loyalty and compassion and friendship. I'd like to think that these are universal elements—that everybody is going to find something in this film that's worth watching. It's got action and adventure. I'd want to go see this movie!”


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