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About The Casting
In addition to writing The Brothers Solomon, Will Forte plays Dean Solomon, the younger of the two brothers. "I definitely had myself in mind to play the role of Dean,” says Forte. As for the role of John, Forte says he had a specific idea of what kind of actor would play the character, but he had no idea who Will Arnett was when he first wrote the script. "When I met Will years later, it just hit me like a ton of bricks that he is who I had been envisioning the whole time!”

It was Arnett's wife, "Saturday Night Live” cast member Amy Poehler, who first introduced the two Wills. "Will Forte told me he was working on this script and that he was thinking about me for one of the characters and I said I would read it,” remembers Arnett. "I thought it was brilliant, hilarious and kind of oddly poignant, so I signed on.”

To portray Janine, the world-weary woman who agrees to carry the baby Solomon, the filmmakers tapped another "Saturday Night Live” cast member: Kristen Wiig. "Kristen is the funniest woman I've ever worked with,” declares Odenkirk. "She astounded me on this movie with her presence, her likeability and her ability to keep up with the Wills.”

Wiig says the script was one of the funniest she had ever read. "These two wacky brothers are best friends and they have a pretty impossible task to achieve and my character decides to help them do it,” she says. "It's a heartwarming story, besides being hilarious. Will wrote these characters with such compassion. You just want to protect them and you can't believe that they haven't been hit by a car yet!

Actor Chi McBride rounds out the unusual baby-birthing foursome as James, Janine's janitor boyfriend. "James is one of the angriest characters in one of the funniest ways I've ever read,” says producer Berenson. "He has a bit of an anger management problem but he's so sweet underneath and when he's not yelling, he's crying. Chi McBride is an accomplished comic and dramatic actor, so he understands how to push a dramatic performance so that it's funny. By the end of the movie, just being around the brothers makes James realize that things aren't as bad as he thinks and he doesn't need to be so angry all the time.”

McBride, who may be best known to television audiences for his starring role as high school principal Steven Harper on "Boston Public,” describes James as "a dude with a 150- pound chip on his shoulder that he carries around like a badge of honor.”

"He has a really bad attitude about things and always feels victimized,” says McBride. "Janine is the only person he has any kind of social relationship with in the outside world because he's isolated himself. The two of them have been together a while, but all his pentup anger and paranoia have caused Janine to put the relationship on hold. When the Solomon brothers come along, that starts to change.”

McBride says he welcomed the chance to work with Forte and Arnett, and thoroughly enjoyed the comedians' on-set antics. "The two Wills were at it all day during production,” he recalls. "If you went up to one of them and said something, they found a way to make it into a song or something. I'd say ‘Kiss my ass' and within seconds they were over in the corner doing ‘Kiss My Ass: The Musical'!”

McBride, who started his career doing mostly comedic roles, notably a four-season stint on "The John Laroquette Show,” says he admires Arnett and Forte for their unflinching dedication to mining their roles for comic gold. "The guys that do really great comedy, like Jim Carrey, Will Farrell or Eddie Murphy, are the best at what they do because they really commit. That's what it takes for comedy and not everybody's willing to go there to make themselves look ridiculous. But the two Wills really understand that and they go in full force. That's what I love about them.”


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