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Resident Evil: Extinction picks up three years after the second film ended. "It's set in the desert, so there are very few buildings, very few people,” comments producer Jeremy Bolt. "It has an atmosphere of isolation and desolation. What's most striking about these landscapes is that there's just nothing there three years after the apocalypse, apart from our band of survivors, and the evil Umbrella Corporation.”

"The third movie is set pretty much after the end of the world,” says Anderson. "The world has been wiped out by the T-Virus and only a small microcosm of humanity is left. It's kind of the proto-family of the future – this band of survivors who are part of an armored convoy that stays on the move continually, to try to stay out of trouble and stay ahead of the Undead.”

Some of the survivors have now formed a group of roughly thirty people, including adults and children, transported by a convoy of vehicles, "which includes a school bus, an ambulance, a news truck and a gas tanker,” Mulcahy describes. "They basically go from town to destroyed town trying to find food and water, and just to keep surviving. But they're getting desperate.”

Acclaimed actress and one of cinema's foremost female action stars, Milla Jovovich once again reprises the role of Alice, an experiment of the Umbrella Corporation whose DNA bonded with the T-Virus, giving her unprecedented power and independence. Since her escape from The Hive and Raccoon City, Alice now answers only to her will to survive and protect the last vestiges of humanity. "They're desperate, and Alice hears radio broadcasts of people in distress, but she keeps her distance. Her thought is that whenever she's near people, people die. So, she's got this standoffish quality about her.”

"Alice, since the last film, has definitely changed,” Jovovich explains. "She's a loner now. She doesn't really know what is going on with these new powers and weird things keep happening to her. If she falls asleep and has a nightmare, things start exploding. It's pretty crazy.”

Afraid that her mutations and genetic link to Umbrella will be a liability to the human survivors she wants to protect, Alice shadows them undetected through the desert. "It's a pretty lonely position,” says Jovovich. "She doesn't have anybody to lean on; she's very much by herself. She's definitely a bit sad, but at the same time, she's got a mission and her priority is to make sure that these people are safe, and hopefully try and take down Umbrella at the same time.”

"Umbrella is using her and she knows it,” adds Anderson. "She knows that Umbrella has been tracking her and can potentially see through her eyes, and use her as a spy. So, she has isolated herself and stayed away from the others. She also knows that she's infected with the T-Virus and it's causing mutations within her. She's developing new powers, which we saw at the end of the second movie, but they have become much greater now and are out of her control, so she's terrified of what she can do. She stays away from the others because she's scared that she may cause them harm.”

Jovovich's evolution in the skin of the Alice character has formed the heart of all the movies. "We put Milla through an awful lot in these films,” says Anderson, "and she always has a good sense of humor about it and always delivers. One of the things that makes the action scenes good in Resident Evil is her intention; you see it in her face, she believes everything. That's really important in a movie like this because you can only believe the horror, and you can only believe the action if the actor does. If she's terrified, so is the audience. And that's what Milla gives these movies – she gives a hundred and ten percent commitment.”

The convoy is a family, led by Claire Redfield, a character from the game. "She's b

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