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Shooting Schedule
Filming began on September 22, 1997 on location in Bedford Hills, New York with horseback riding scenes in which Jackie and her two children Anna and Ben discuss their attitudes toward Isabel

Filming began on September 22, 1997 on location in Bedford Hills, New York with horseback riding scenes in which Jackie and her two children Anna and Ben discuss their attitudes toward Isabel. The next day, work shifted to New York City's Central Park for the scene in which Isabel, preoccupied while shooting a glossy sportswear ad at the park's Belvedere Castle, pays scant attention to Ben, whom she is supposed to be looking after. Moments later, she discovers the boy has disappeared. A poignant scene in which Luke explains to Anna and Ben the reason he no longer lives with their mother was also shot in Central Park, at the boathouse.

These scenes completed, the unit then moved to Bronxville, New York for exteriors of Anna and Ben's school, and then to Nyack for scenes outside Jackie's house. On location in Nyack, Columbus' cameras established the exterior of Jackie's house in summer. Returning to New York City, and after completing scenes in the Central Park police station where Jackie first threatens Luke with a court order after Ben's temporary disappearance, the unit took up residence at the Williamsburg soundstage. Here, Columbus filmed several scenes that take place inside Jackie's house. Moving to the loft set, Columbus shot the film's opening sequence in which Isabel ineptly tries to get Ben and Anna ready for school, followed by scenes in which Anna orders Isabel out of her room and Isabel reads Ben a bedtime story.

Columbus also filmed a scene in the loft kitchen between Isabel and Luke while they're preparing a meal, underlining both the warmth of their relationship and the contrast between their living quarters and those in which the children are being raised at Jackie's.

During the period on the Brooklyn soundstage, Columbus also staged two important interiors that occur outside the loft and the house. One was a tense scene between Jackie and Isabel in Isabel's darkroom where, in the face of the women's antipathy to each other, Jackie must swallow her pride and ask Isabel to pick up the children after school without revealing that her failing health is the reason why she is unable to. Another scene was a consultation between Jackie and her doctor in the office of her physician, Dr. Sweikert, played by Lynn Whitfield.

The unit returned to locations as the weather turned colder, highlighting the change-of-seasons motif that figures prominently in the film. In Montclair, New Jersey, the dazzling autumn foliage served as the ideal backdrop for a Halloween sequence in which Jackie and her kids go trick-or-treating. Remaining in Jersey but moving to the township of Morristown, Columbus filmed Anna's soccer game, during which Luke coaches the team, Isabel and Jackie discuss Anna's sometimes prickly personality and Ben is injured in a playground accident.

Returning to the house in Nyack, where the autumn leaves lent an air of melancholy to the atmosphere and signaled the passage of time, Columbus filmed an encounter between Isabel and Jackie in which the younger woman informs her rival that she knows where she has gone on her secret travels. The unit then moved to a handsome tavern in Tappen, New York, for a poignant scene between Jackie and Luke, and another, in which an emotional Isabel discusses with Jackie her insecurities about standing in as a mother for Jackie's children.

Returning once again to the soundstage, Columbus filmed the dramatic sequence in which Jackie and Luke tell the children that she is s

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