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Vinilla Burnham was brought on board to realize the wardrobe of the characters in THE SEEKER. She was able to draw on her work from THE FIFTH ELEMENT and LOST IN SPACE to create a visual language for each of the main characters. "With The Rider I spoke to David about it right at the very beginning, before we even knew that Chris was going to play the part, the look, and even the horse and what the horse was wearing. It's a very, very atmospheric costume. 

"We decided to go down the leather route because it was very important that it didn't look like a superhero. After being ‘broken down', which involved The Rider's costume being soaked in water, the suit was then painted and given the feeling of rust and age.” 

For Conroy's Miss Greythorne costume, a special jacket was made. "Miss Greythorne was for me a fabulous opportunity for glamour because,” says Burnham. "There's not very many women in the film. And although Maggie is very attractive and young and funky, Greythorne being an English eccentric, is something I know something about. It was an opportunity to come up with ideas that were eccentric but not for the sake of it. And Frances Conroy can carry off a lot - she looks extremely elegant.”

"With the church outfit, which ends up being in battle, it was important that there was movement about it,” says the designer. "So at the back of this costume there's a lot of fullness. When she's fighting you get really nice movement in it. So it's slim and elegant, and yet when she starts moving, it starts moving too. It just looks glamorous.”

"They're such beautiful costumes. It's so interesting what she did and chose,” says Conroy. "I went to London and tried on some wonderful things and made copies of them, like the coat that I wear when we're battling the snakes, just the way it flows is so beautiful and they evoke a kind of a time. The gown that I wear at the Christmas party, it's this beautiful gown that's made with a technique called Devore. Clothes are evocative immediately as soon as you see them and wear them. It's just wonderful.”

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