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Filming In Romania
"What we are pulling off is a Herculean effort in a short amount of time, in a country that is in the middle of its own growing pains and we are very proud of the size of the movie we are making for not a lot of money. We are re-interpreting the fantasy genre and we are really proud of what we are pulling off,” says Cunningham.

In fact, THE SEEKER was the largest production ever on Romanian soil which has hosted other monumental productions such as the Academy Award nominated Cold Mountain. All of this is amazing for a state that was recently considered Soviet and for years under Communist rule. 

The vast stages of Media Pro, Romania's largest studio located 12 miles northwest of Bucharest, offers actual lakes, water tanks, huge soundtages, skilled carpenters and nearby rustic landscape. 

As Cunningham points out, "There's nothing like the real deal. There's a lot more freedom in a real set versus a CGI one. That's why we did come to Romania, so we could go big and hopefully we'll create a ride that feels like it's really happening." 

Eccelston was very impressed with the work done for the film. "Stunning, just stunning. And I hope the sets will be preserved, maybe to be used again. The work that the Romanian crew and set designer have done on this film has been amazing. It's been a massive effort and it's not difficult to suspend your disbelief in settings like this.”

To Conroy, Romania was a wonderful experience. "It's a wonderful group of people. In Romania it has its own interesting things to deal with,” says Conroy. "I go around feeding dogs everywhere. I bring eight cans of food with me everyday. I'm taking one home. They're very nice and they just need food. It's been an experience. It's a beautiful movie. We're far away from home all of us and I've met some lovely people. I studied Romanian so I understand a tiny bit of what's going on.”


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