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Creating The Character

Costume Designer Joseph Aulisi..."Julia's character, Isabel, has a certain cutting-edge, downtown look. We used a dark palette for her, almost monochromatic, mostly blacks and greys, and heavy materials like leather, denim. "

"What is interesting in terms of the clothes and how they reveal character is how they change in the course of the film," Aulisi says "Isabel's clothes"..."as she becomes closer to the family and more accepted by the children, her clothes lighten up-literally. She gets into greens and russet tones."

In contrast to the living quarters in which the children are being raised at Jackie's, Isabel and Luke spend their time with the children at Luke's loft. The loft gives us a sense of Luke's new life as a bachelor in the big city.

Production designer Stuart Wurtzel... "Being able to show a contrast between Luke's new home and the inside of Jackie's house was my foremost consideration in designing this set," Wurtzel says of the loft. "We needed to give the sense, despite Isabel's presence, that Luke is a bachelor now, or at least a single man with a family. Everything in this kitchen is modern, stainless steel and chrome, as opposed to the farmhouse dining table and country-homey objects at Jackie's, where there's lots of checked fabrics everywhere and loads of chintz. To achieve this, we sustained a sleek, urban look throughout the loft. It's spare, uncluttered but-I hope-not cold. Actually, the presence in the loft of the rooms the children sleep in when they come to stay provides color and warmth and reminds us of the various facets of Luke's life."


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