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A Dream Cast
The spell of ENCHANTED is that it is not just one kind of story. Per the director, "It's really every genre. And that's what's been the biggest challenge of the movie—taking so many different genres and melding them into a seamless whole. You've got animation. You've got romantic comedy. You've got a little bit of action-adventure. And you've got a musical comedy. And all of those are happening at the same time. And balancing all of those tones, so to speak, is really the magic of pulling this movie together.”

"This is the typical challenging creative journey you get when working with Kevin Lima,” says executive producer Chase. "Kevin loves to bring together talented musicians, painters, actors, technicians, animators—really whoever is the best at what they do and can help him bring his ideas to life. It's one of the reasons he and I work with Disney so much—they understand and have a history of working with artists.”

The magic began when a then actress-on-the-rise named Amy Adams walked in to audition for the part of Giselle. Lima was sick at the time, running a temperature of 103°, and had little desire to be anywhere, let alone a casting session. Adams' beautiful and astounding work in "Junebug” had yet to be seen, and so her face was not recognizable to the filmmakers present. And yet, her 15-minute audition became a 45-minute audition and, because of her uncanny ability to embody a naïve, young girl, she stuck in Lima's mind. After that, there was no question and she was cast in the part.

She found Lima to be a kindred spirit and offers, "He comes from animation, so he has such a wonderful visual sense. He understands what an animated character would do far better than I do, so he was very helpful in assisting me to understand what Giselle is like and how to portray her. He set the tone. Also, I grew up in Colorado, and I always loved the Disney films and characters. Like most little girls, I wanted to be a princess. But being a Disney princess is much harder than I ever anticipated. I think it is easier if you are an animated princess! Snow White has nothing on me, because she didn't have to do her own stunts and dancing.”

For the hardworking Adams, landing the role of Giselle was never taken for granted: "It was so exciting and it never really sunk in. I had done a lot of musical theater growing up and as an adult, so that helped me a lot. I often burst into song in the film, because that's what Disney princesses do. It's such fun having this musical component. I also loved seeing the hand-drawn animation in the classic Disney style. What an honor to be drawn as Giselle by these talented artists.”

The glove fit of actress to role struck producer Barry Josephson: "Because Amy was always so deep into character, whether she was speaking or singing or dancing, it was her experiencing the moment, completely in character. She's so expressive, and you know emotionally exactly what is running through her. She gives and gives and offers something new on every take—for the character she's playing, that emotionality is so much a part of who she is. She's just wonderful.” That emotional journey was a gift of the role. Adams offers, "Giselle discovers what love really is and what being human is all about—what it feels like to have genuine emotions. She finds out that life is more complicated than it has appeared so far—it's not all about happy endings. It's about something much deeper, much better. That's something that I really loved about the story, and that journey is something that an actor relishes bringing to life.”

Illuminating that day-to-day, emotional journey is also something for which actor Patrick Dempsey is well-known. At the center of the ensemble show "Grey's Anatomy,” Dempsey portrays Dr. Derek Shepherd and has netted awards and popular success from the series, as<

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