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Shooting In The Real World
Giselle's transition from Andalasia to Manhattan was anything but easy. Lima explains the filmmakers' thinking behind her grand entrance: "We thought we needed to throw this character into absolutely the most difficult situation we could devise. In an early version, she landed in Central Park, but we thought that was too soft. So, she ends up climbing out of a sewer in the middle of Times Square.”

And it was with that scene that production began. The first day of principal photography (Monday, April 17, 2006) found the more-than-100 cast and crew members of ENCHANTED filming at night in one of the most recognizable locations on the face of the earth—New York City's glamorous, electric, bustling, chaotic Times Square—with our fairytale almost-princess Giselle emerging from a manhole wearing an enormous white wedding gown right in the center of the crossroad of 46th Street between Seventh Avenue and Broadway, with passersby looking on. Needless to say, the event stopped traffic both literally and figuratively…and, more or less, this was how filming progressed day after day.

For the woman at the center of this activity, Adams could barely contain her zeal: "I'm really excited to be involved with ENCHANTED. It's a true fairy tale with a modern twist to it. I get to play this princess who's funny and mischievous and her own person. What girl doesn't want to do that?”

Director Lima was just as enthusiastic—for a different reason: "From the pristine, fairytale land of Andalasia to Manhattan—what an incredible 180-degree turn, and what a wonderful expanse for me, as a filmmaker, to traverse. Manhattan is to our animated-characters-come-to- life what Manhattan is to any one of us visiting this magical city for the first time. It's both enthralling and frightening at the same time. In the film, we push the envelope, so that when our characters first arrive, they are scared to death of this world, which couldn't be more different from where they came from. I like to equate it to Snow White in the Evil Forest. So, Giselle is going through all those feelings, of being in a place that is incredibly frightening to her at first. But then, as she gets to know this world, she becomes more and more attuned to it. She sees it through a wide-eyed sort of naïveté…to get to see the beauty of Manhattan as only a first-time visitor can. You live in a city all of your life and you don't see things that are around you after a while. Giselle gets to see them as if they're all new, with childlike eyes.”

Many of the landmarks Giselle gets to discover are some of the city's most recognizable, iconic and romantic places: Times Square, the Woolworth Building, many areas of Central Park, Columbus Circle, the ultra-hip neighborhoods of Tribeca and Soho, and the Brooklyn Bridge (with production practically commandeering the entire bridge for shooting). Shooting also took place on three state-of-the-art soundstages at Brooklyn's Steiner Studios and on the grounds of the famed Brooklyn Navy Yard.

To design the distinctive look of the live-action majority of ENCHANTED, filmmakers signed accomplished production designer Stuart Wurtzel, who elaborates, "I really wanted to bring a visual splendor and romance to the film. The movie plays on old icons and modern New York icons, and I am bringing those together in my interpretation of the script. We combine the fairytale elements and represent them in an elaborate, flowery, Art Nouveau style. And then we contrast that with the hard-edged, geometric angles of the city of New York.

Essentially, this is about an innocent girl coming to the big, bad city. She transforms the city, which becomes softer and, at the same time, the city transforms her into a real, fully rounded human being. The film is about being true to your heart. In an animated world, the characte


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