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Lumet has directed some of the screen's most memorable motion pictures, which have garnered over 50 Academy Award® nominations

Lumet has directed some of the screen's most memorable motion pictures, which have garnered over 50 Academy Award® nominations. Personally, he has earned five Oscar® nominations and seven Directors Guild of America Award nominations. Of his latest film, he says, "What happens to Gloria, played with remarkable insight by Sharon Stone, is something I find quite moving. We discover her spirit encased in cement. We watch as it gets chipped away against her will. Gradually, we see a real, changed human being emerge."

Filmed almost entirely in New York City, the setting for most of Lumet's pictures, Gloria spotlights both compelling characters and high-octane action. Sharon Stone portrays a street-smart woman who, in less politically correct times, would be labeled a dame, a broad, a moll.

"Everything about Gloria is big," Stone recounts. "Her mouth, her hair, her attitude, her curves, her shoes, her trouble. She's always got a plan. But when she gets stuck with this kid, for the first time in her life she doesn't have a clue what to do. Though Gloria is forced to deal with buried maternal issues, there's nothing soft about this movie. This is one tough-talking, rough-dealing character.

"The story is filled with so much internal conflict. Gloria hates Kevin, but loved him enough to go to prison for three years, and those feeling still simmer. He's torn between affection for her and sworn loyalty to his organization. Should he ice her or marry her? She grows protective of a helpless child whose entire family has been killed, but sometimes it's just too much work and she earnestly wants to dump him. The three principal characters spend so much time simply not knowing, as most of us do in our lives," says the actress.

Jeremy Northam is cast opposite Stone as Kevin, her former lover and current nemesis. Cathy Moriarty is a sympathetic female companion while six-year-old Jean-Luke Figueroa is the little boy who brings complication, chaos and compassion to Gloria's life. Mike Starr is an underworld underling and Bonnie Bedelia appears as Gloria's estranged sister. George C. Scott makes a special appearance as an underworld kingpin whose intimate history with Gloria might now save her life.

Producer Gary Foster, whose filmography includes Sleepless In Seattle, says, "The producer's challenge and reward is combining complimentary elements to create a film. I really believe we have a rare and compatible assemblage of talents on this picture. The foundation was screenwriter Steven Antin's idea to update a fascinating character from the original Gloria, made almost 20 years ago. He felt it could be contemporized into a strong '90s film."

"It was most peculiar how I came to the project," Stone remembers. "A dear friend of mine-a brilliant woman-happened to have the script even before Steven Antin submitted it to Mandalay. After reading three pages and wondering how the writer got inside my head, I knew I was going to do it. There simply was no question."

"I honestly can't imagine another actress as Gloria," insists Foster, whose producing credits include Tin Cup, Short Circuit and Desperate Measures. "She's strong, she can be the dame, she's smart, beautiful, physical and, as we see in this film, she can be poignantly vulnerable."

With Lumet directing and Stone starring, Foster feels the project represents a first-class meeting of East<


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