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27 DRESSES caps a remarkable year for Katherine Heigl, whose ascension to superstardom began with her award-winning role in the top-rated series "Grey's Anatomy” and continued with her knockout performance in "Knocked Up.” When 27 DRESSES producer Jonathan Glickman saw early footage of Judd Apatow's comedy, he felt that Heigl "was really spectacular – you could see that she had a great energy.”

Glickman and fellow producers Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum, partners at Spyglass Entertainment, were thrilled when Heigl said "I do” to 27 DRESSES.

Heigl found much to explore with the character. "Like other people, Jane takes pride doing the things she's really good at,” notes Heigl. "She clearly loves being a bridesmaid; Jane is just taking it too far because she's filling her life with other people's desires, forfeiting her own memories or the memories she might make for herself. She's sort of a secondary character in her own life.

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to play a character that is funny and charming, yet flawed – it's everything I want in a comedic character,” Heigl continues. "I love this kind of comedy and enjoyed seeing how far I could push the humor. I've been waiting my entire career to have this kind of role.”

Aline Brosh McKenna, who wrote the original screenplay for 27 DRESSES and the adaptation for the critical and commercial success "The Devil Wears Prada,” describes Jane's saga as "a delayed coming-of-age story about a woman who finds out what things she needs to change about herself in order to go from being a bridesmaid to being a bride.”

McKenna says her screenplay was inspired by a friend's myriad stints as a bridesmaid. "She has been in about a dozen weddings, which I thought was fascinating,” says McKenna. "I thought, what would make somebody the sort of person who would be invited to be in that many weddings? Obviously she has a lot of connections and friendships, but there was something that was disconnecting her from having a relationship that belonged totally to her.”

McKenna's facility in creating sparkling dialogue and comedic yet heartfelt characters and situations, was critical in attracting Heigl and the behind-the-camera team to the project. "Aline has a great way with fun, quick dialogue that really develops these characters as real people,” says Anne Fletcher, the acclaimed choreographer ("The 40 Year Old Virgin,” "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story”) who directed 27 DRESSES. (Her helming debut was the hit dance film "Step Up.”) "I loved her script and completely identified with Jane because I, too, am a full-blown co-dependent! My nickname is Mama because I like to take care of everything and everyone. But when you always want to ‘do' for everybody, you forget about yourself. That's what has happened to Jane and, I think, to a lot of women.”

With the late Bobby Newmyer, an executive producer on 27 DRESSES, McKenna pitched her story to Spyglass Entertainment; the company's Barber, Birnbaum and Glickman immediately saw the film's appeal. "Here was this girl that everybody loved but who never had a boyfriend and never put herself out there to try to get what she wanted,” Glickman notes. "She is a fun, intriguing character.”

Work continued on the script, and the story evolved from a tale of two friends dueling over the same man to a story about two sisters with a complex family dynamic, which provided more character and story-based humor and emotion. "We tried to keep the story focused more on Jane's emotional journey and character as opposed to the mechanical nature of how two people are going to find each other,” says McKenna.

Adds Glickman: "27 DRESSES is a naturalistic movie with the very big idea about a woman who's been a bridesmaid twenty-seven times. It allows us to send up craziness that can occur at weddings, but


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