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About The Locations

"Rushmore" was shot on location at Anderson's alma mater, Sr. John's School in Houston, Texas.

But finding the perfect location for the school was another of the filmmakers' challenges. A full scale search began as the first draft of the screenplay was being written. Director Anderson says, "We always planned to film in New England, during autumn, with the leaves falling. I was waiting for the one school campus where I would say, 'Here it is-there was one in England, but then we decided not to shoot in England. Then my mother sent pictures of my own school and I realized that's what I was trying to find all along."

Anderson talks about the design of the movie. "We wanted it to feel kind of like a fable, I guess; a little unreal. And we wanted to show the way Max sees Rushmore, which is a place that he loves all out of proportion with anything. And I kept thinking of period movies. Powell and Pressburger's 'The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp,' and also 'The Age Of Innocence' and this Truffaut film 'Two English Girls.' Of course, 'Rushmore' isn't a movie. But it seemed like the right idea. So my cameraman Bob Yeoman, production designer David Wasco, and I watched those movies together. And we looked at some pictures by photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue, who reminds me of Max, and that became a part of it. And then, when Max gets kicked out of Rushmore and he gets sent to this huge place called Grover Cleveland High School, we made it like a prison. Cold and desolate. Because that's the way he sees it."

The Grover Cleveland sequences were shot at Lamar High School, which is located directly across the street from Sr. John's the same way that Grover Cleveland is right across the street rrom Rushmore in the script-though Max comments wistfully to Miss Cross when he visits Rushmore that he "misses the seasons. And watching the leaves change."

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