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Music Of The Comedy
To complement the sarcastic banter and plenty of kinky sex, Forgetting Sarah Marshall brings audiences some bizarre tunes. Peter is introduced to his nemesis for Sarah's affections, rocker Aldous Snow, and his band, Infant Sorrow, by a video clip on an entertainment news show. Peter the composer bangs out a drunken ballad on piano and creates a Dracula musical performed by, what else? Puppets.

Veteran Apatow/Robertson music supervisor Jonathan Karp, who worked on The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad and Pineapple Express, and composer Lyle Workman (also a seasoned Apatow vet) had their work cut out for them in the latest production. Fortunately, the filmmakers and Karp knew that writer/actor Jason Segel was also an accomplished songwriter and musician. Adding to his resume, the multihyphenate wrote the majority of the music and lyrics for the songs in the film. Says Apatow, "Jason is so great at writing these odd, funny songs. He had a little too much time on his hands in the past, as he had a complete, composed Dracula musical just lying around.”

For his inebriated love ballad, "Wonderful Dream,” Segel as Bretter plays his heart out on a white piano while alone in his suite—crying and kvelling his way through the song. Karp, who had met Segel back in their Freaks and Geeks days, commends, "Jason has been composing and playing music his whole life. This film was the first time he'd ever been in a real recording studio. Seeing that is just incredible.”

Comic Russell Brand performs the songs "Inside of You” and "We Gotta Do Something,” written by Jason Segel, music coordinator PETER SALETT and Lyle Workman. When they were composing the lyrics to the slow ballad "Inside of You,” Segel questioned, "What is the worst song somebody could sing in front of you to your ex-girlfriend?” Through lines such as "There's got to be some part of me inside of you,” he easily answered that. And that's exactly what Aldous sings at the luau to Sarah while Peter watches in horror.

Not to lose the Hawaiian flavor and Aloha spirit, there are many American songs in the film—naturally sung with Hawaiian language lyrics—including such classics as "Nothing Compares 2 U,” written by Prince and sung by Daniel Ho. Says Karp, "There is a Hawaiian version of the Extreme hit ‘More than Words,' which is playfully sung. Then we have a hybrid, half-Hawaiian and half-English version of ‘Signs,' originally by Five Man Electrical Band.”

The music supervisor adds, "We also recorded our own version of ‘Jungle Love,' by The Time, which Prince was nice enough to approve. So, in a sense, Prince has blessed this movie. You couldn't ask for more than that.”

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