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About the Locations

After completing a remarkable 75 days of filming inside on the Palmdale set, the cast and crew moved to Huntingburg, Indiana where they shot only one week for outdoor location sequences. During the shooting, sandbags were piled up along Main Street, which was then covered with several inches of water to reproduce the first stages of the rising flood.

Producer Mark Gordon describes the choice of Huntingburg as the setting for the film. "We were looking for a town that had charm and felt comfortable," says Gordon, "so that the audience would feel disappointed as the waters were destroying the town. We didn't want it to be too picture-post-card perfect; we wanted it to be like so many little towns across the United States."

By coincidence, notes Gordon, Huntingburg was the location for another film, "A League of Their Own." Nearly two-thirds of the town's population turned out for casting calls as extras. Describing Huntingburg, Slater says, "It's actually pretty amazing to come to this town and see it, after being on the set in Palmdale. The crowds have been very supportive. They're wonderful people."

"It was very strange to finally be in Huntingburg," says screenwriter Graham Yost. "I wasn't involved in selecting this location, but it's amazing how close it is to the fictitious place I created in the script. Everything from the church to the cemetery is ideal."

For the first time in Indiana history, a highway was closed to traffic for filming when the junction of Main Street and Interstate 231 was flooded with water for exterior scenes. The bank vault seen in the film is an actual vault, built in 1925 for a local bank that later went broke in the Great Depression.


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