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About The Production

While RAVENOUS is set in California's Sierra Nevadas, it was decided early on that filming there would have been prohibitively expensive. The production scouted locations in Canada before deciding on the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Mexico. "We were looking for a location that could stand in for the Sierra Nevadas," comments executive producer Tim Van Rellim. "And of course, the crews would have to be good. So we were very lucky to find both in the Czech Republic."

One aspect of working in the former Czechoslovakia that wasn't so smooth was the weather. As originally conceived, RAVENOUS was set in a snowy landscape But after a brief delay in production, the weather had changed significantly, and the script was re-written to take place without the winter powder. "It became a 'green' picture," laughs Heyman, "and that's how we proceeded."

"Our weather changed dramatically," emphasizes Van Rellim. "It could change from day to day, sometimes even within the day. It made for a very challenging and fluid shooting schedule."

The resourceful creative and production teams found a way to turn this climatic unpredictability to their advantage. During the final week of production, snow again began to fall heavily. "So we returned to making a 'snow' picture, with a bit of 'green' thrown it," Heyman explains. "It returned the picture to its original vision, which made us all very happy."


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