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Directors Statement
In 1980, the New Orleans Saints were well on their way to another losing season. Some of the fans were losing hope and gaining shame. They stopped going to the games for fear of being seen as a blindly optimistic fool and ridiculed at work the next day. Some fans, however, would not abandon their beloved home team. Sure, they were embarrassed and ashamed, but they were loyal. They stayed. They believed. But, they needed something to hide their faces. Something cheap, something readily available. Something brown and crinkly, where the eyes and mouth could easily be punched out. Now, this story doesn't really have anything to do with our movie, but it kinda does. When one looks out over a sea of people in a major NFL stadium wearing bags on their heads, it's a bit hard to process. It's definitely a funny sight, but in the right light, it's kind of terrifying, too. That very dichotomy was exactly what we wanted to explore with Baghead.

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