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Ever wonder about those who crowd (or maybe thinly populate) the seats at unheralded film festivals? The ones whose outstretched hands scream "pick me!” at every postscreening Q&A? And who scheme to make it past the bouncer at the ‘exclusive' premiere party, only to discover a room filled with the Chamber of Commerce and a $3 Bud special?

During the festival tour for their much-adored lo-fi first film The Puffy Chair, the Duplass brothers apparently got to meet a lot of these folks… and clearly developed a profound fondness for them.

With apologies to Diablo Cody, they also probably watched The Blair Witch Project on Starz about a thousand times.

But it says a lot about their second feature, Baghead, that it's the first movie about would-be auteurs caught in the woods and not quite alone to be invited to Sundance in a very long time.

With Badhead, the Duplass brothers hand a Scooby-Doo narrative, which advances various pursuits of sex alongside a half-baked bid for instant fame, over to a quartet of incredibly naturalistic actors playing, well, actors.

In the gentle, patient hands of the Duplass Brothers, who managed to elicit genuine emotion from the vision of a burning La-Z-Boy recliner, the audience is invited to develop an overpowering affection for these desperate dreamers too.

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