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"Analyze This" filming got underway in an abandoned warehouse in Hoboken, New Jersey for a scene in which Vitti interrogates a terrified stoolie, only to suffer the onset of a panic attack. Production then shifted to Jersey City for the staging of a shootout, and then moved to a hospital in Elmhurst, Queens, where Vitti seeks help for what he fears is heart failure, but which is diagnosed as another panic attack.

These early sequences set the tone of the film. Stuart Dryburgh's photography was, naturally enough, a key element in defining the film's overall visual style. "A lot of the humor in the film grows out of the juxtaposition of the gangster world and the warmer, suburban milieu in which Ben lives," Dryburgh says. "In order for it to work both worlds must be real."

Production designer Wynn Thomas proceeded in similar fashion. "Instead of working from fantasy, I did research into the actual places these characters inhabit," Thomas says. "For the Italian-Americans I looked at sites in Little Italy, in Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, as well as Todt Hill in Staten Island, making sure that we see these worlds on the screen as they exist in real life. In fact, a key sequence in the film was shot in Todt Hill, a neighborhood that's notable for the number of alleged organized-crime figures who live there. Then, in the heart of Little Italy, Ramis filmed scenes inside the Old Lion Social Club, the neighborhood 'loint" in which Vitti meets with fellow mobsters.

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