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About The Characters
IGOR (John Cusack) 

A potentially gifted and brilliant scientist, Igor was born with a hunch on his back which, in Malaria, leaves him with only one choice in life – to become an Igor. Forced to serve a cruel scientist named Dr. Glickenstein, Igor must invent in secret, always afraid of being discovered. When fate finally steps in and gives Igor the chance to build his greatest invention – an evil monster that will win the Annual Evil Science Fair and bring Igor the respect he has always wanted – something goes horribly wrong. His evil invention does not want to be evil; she wants to be an actress! Now he has to figure out a way to get her to compete in the Annual Evil Science Fair and battle Malaria's other evil inventions, or it's down the Igor recycling chute for him. 

SCAMPER (Steve Buscemi)

One of Igor's first experiments, Scamper is a ‘road kill' rabbit that he brought back to life. Igor gave him super-intelligence and immortality, but Scamper doesn't see the point in living. He's always trying to end his meaningless existence but can't – he just keeps coming back to life again and again and again. However, by the end of the story, Scamper discovers that life is truly worth living. 

BRAIN (Sean Hayes)

Brain is another of Igor's inventions – a very early prototype. This brain-in-a-jar is anything but! Let's just say that this jar is more than half empty. He is always trying to prove that he is very intelligent and can help, but unwittingly ends up making life even tougher for our hero.

EVA (Molly Shannon)

Igor's latest creation is his tour de force – Eva. A giant monster built for one purpose – to be the best evil invention and conquer all at the Evil Science Fair. Just one hitch – she doesn't have an evil bone in her body. Worse, all she wants is to be an actress. She thinks, breathes and eats acting, and believes she would be perfect for the title role in Malaria's new production of "Annie.”


Igor's master, Dr. Glickenstein is a cruel Evil Scientist who treats Igor like dirt. Every year Glickenstein manages to lose the Annual Evil Science Fair and takes it out on poor Igor. When Glickenstein discovers that Igor has been creating his own inventions, he attempts to stop him once and for all, but in doing so sets his own demise in motion.


Dr. Schadenfreude is Malaria's most preeminent Evil Scientist, having won 17 Annual Evil Science Fairs in a row. Little does anyone realize that he can't invent his way out of a paper bag and that each year he steals his winning inventions from other Evil Scientists in the Kingdom - taking the credit and the coveted first prize. But winning the Evil Science Fair isn't enough anymore, and now he has his eyes on the throne and manipulates Eva into helping him get there.

JACLYN (Jennifer Coolidge)

As Dr. Schadenfreude's sexy and vain girlfriend, Jaclyn is determined to get a fast ticket to Evil Street. Year after year she helps him win the Evil Science Fair by utilizing her beguiling ways to ‘acquire' the other scientists' inventions – okay, stealing them. She is his confidante and, at the same time, a thorn in his side.


The King of Malaria rules justly and wisely – NOT. He is everyone's friend and cares about his people greatly…or that is what he would have you think. It was the King's idea to blackmail the world with weapons of destruction and he has convinced Malaria that it's good for their economy and so by doing Evil, they are actually doing good. Is it any surprise that this conniving politician isn't always telling the truth? 

CARL CRISTALL (Arsenio Hall)

Malaria's number one television reporter is intense…informed…and invisible. He's als


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