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Sometimes Life Offers A Second Chance
"This is a story about people discovering there is an Act Two in their lives,” says director George C. Wolfe. It's an apt theatrical reference that comes naturally to Wolfe, a renowned stage director, writer and producer with two Tony Awards to his credit, making his feature film directorial debut with "Nights in Rodanthe.”

"People go through a good portion of their lives making decisions and choices that are either good or bad, right or wrong, and they often feel that the state to which it brings them is permanent,” he says. "It's as if they reach a certain point and say, ‘Okay, this is my life; this is what I made of it and this is all I get.'”

"But what happens as we embark upon the second half of our lives?” asks producer Denise Di Novi. "Do we find love? Do we find our soul mates if we haven't found them yet, or if we found them and lost them? People are always discovering new interests and new facets of themselves. The idea of finding a soul mate in the middle of the journey is not so unusual; sometimes it takes that long and sometimes it happens when you least expect it. The dream of finding true love doesn't end at 25. That's the message of ‘Nights in Rodanthe' and I believe many people can relate to that and will be inspired by it.”

"It's a love story for adults,” offers Richard Gere, who stars as Paul. "These are people who had lives before they met and aren't looking for a relationship to define them.”

Still, this is a relationship that will change how they define themselves and that, in turn, will alter the course of their lives well beyond the time they spend together. Says Wolfe, "Circumstances and dynamics evolve. Sometimes life and the universe offer us something we never expected or had given up hoping for.”

Not only does "Nights in Rodanthe” suggest that it's never too late to find that one true connection, it is likewise never too late to regain the self you lost along the way, while living the life you thought you wanted—or that others expected of you.

Above all, it is a sweeping love story in the Nicholas Sparks tradition.

Diane Lane, who stars as Adrienne, attributes Sparks' appeal to "his sensitivity to people's hearts. I think there is an appetite for seeing that other people are like us and have needs similar to our own, no matter the era, age or circumstances. Love crosses all lines.”

Sparks, the best-selling author of such memorable titles as The Notebook, Message in a Bottle and A Walk to Remember—the latter two produced for the screen by Di Novi— feels that Nights in Rodanthe is a thematic return to his origins as a storyteller. "It's one of the most intrinsically romantic novels I've ever done. It has a storm, an isolated beach and a wounded couple who come together and heal each other, and it involves a whole range of human emotion: happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, passion, impatience and patience.”

"What I like about Nick's work is that it gives equal weight to the male characters,” adds Di Novi, speaking as both a fan and creative collaborator, who believes that the emotional life of men is too often neglected or simplified in film and fiction. "Paul is a complicated man. He is not just ‘the guy Adrienne falls in love with.' His experience is as important as hers and that's an element of the story George and I strove to recreate on screen. It's one of the reasons I wanted him to direct.

"I love George's work,” she continues, citing Wolfe's critically acclaimed direction of the HBO drama "Lackawanna Blues.” "His attention to detail in that piece, from the costumes and sets to just the overall richness of that whole world he created had such emotional impact. I knew he would bring that sensibility to this project.”

Another aspect the filmmakers responded to was the way in which Paul and Adrienne meet as<

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