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Meeting Someone Can Change Your Course
"Talking with a stranger gives you permission to reveal yourself in a way that you rarely can with people you know,” Wolfe states. Being the focus of a stranger's attention can prompt us to take a fresh look at ourselves and see, for the first time in years, strength we had forgotten or maybe longing and regret we had come to accept.

"What Paul stirs for Adrienne, and vice versa, is the audacity of ‘Who do you think you are?' That's a good question,” says Lane. "‘Wait a minute while I think about that…who do I think I am?!' That's what people bring each other at the beginning of a relationship; the opportunity to say and do something intentional instead of just coloring by the numbers. It may be uncomfortable but it's liberating.”

"In this way, Paul and Adrienne act as catalysts for each other's self-realization,” offers screenwriter Ann Peacock. "Paul enables Adrienne to do what is right for her rather than what she had been conditioned to doing, and Adrienne enables Paul to drop his guard and open himself to the possibility of love and forgiveness.”

"It's all a learning experience,” Gere suggests. "We're all infants, trying to figure out who and what we are and what it all means. What's beautiful about ‘Nights in Rodanthe' is that it shows how two people in crisis can get past their defenses, reach out to each other and make enormous impact on each other in a relatively short period.” And that impact can often extend beyond the two of them.

Says Di Novi, "What they find with each other, the kind of connection they have, is one of those once-in-a-lifetime things, such a deep love that, as Adrienne says in the film, it makes you want to share it with the rest of the world.”

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