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On Location
Shooting primarily on location in a foreign country required intense collaboration between the filmmakers, the creative departments and the animal trainers to bring director Raja Gosnell's vision to the big screen.

"The first thing is authenticity,” explains executive producer Steve Nicolaides. "This is an odyssey picture, a road picture, a journey both of life lessons and geography. So we needed a variety of looks including jungle, river and beach, and we needed stage space to build sets.”

The film features key locations in and around Puerto Vallarta and

Guadalajara in Jalisco, near Hermosillo in the Sonora Desert, and in Mexico City—taking full advantage of the variety and beauty of the Mexican landscape as well as the splendor and history of the cities. Several "Beverly Hills” locations—including the interior and the backyard of Aunt Viv's mansion and an upscale lunch spot—were actually filmed on location in Puerto Vallarta.

"The movie is very much a love letter to Mexico,” says Curtis. "The Mexican people have been the nicest, warmest people that you would ever want to work with. It's been a real privilege to be here with them.”

Production designer Bill Boes and his two Mexican art directors, Hania Robledo and Cristian "Pipo” Wintter, oversaw a team of more than 200 people in creating the look of the film, many of whom were local.

"There are 107 scripted sets. Only about 15 are built sets, so the rest are locations,” says Boes. "We just wanted to show the variety and scale of Mexico.”

Boes and his team were able to work on a variety of sets, ranging from upscale Rodeo Drive to a rugged jungle environment.

"Mexico has such respect for its past,” says Wintter. "You just walk around and you can feel the magic. It's undeniable. We have an amazing team of artists in this movie, mostly from Mexico, who created this parallel reality that pays homage to Mexico's past, while creating a special culture for these dogs that makes sense.”

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